Thursday, September 11, 2014

Uh-oh. This can't be good.

In my flurry of activity I have been procrastinating on the green Timberline sweater I had hoped to have ready for Rhinebeck. I am resigned to not having it done this year, but I still would like to come up with another cardigan.

I mulled over the possibility of trying to knit an entire sweater by mid-October, then was deterred by my Dear One. He's always good for a loving reality check when my head gets stuck in the clouds.

Then genius struck.

I have a green sweater I finished last summer that was on the fitted side - a bit too close for comfort, it turns out. (We shall not speak of the ice cream I had tonight.) Brilliance suggests that I could add a steek or three and turn this sweater into a roomier cardigan, and with any luck it will be ready for Rhinebeck, even being in the appropriate color family to pass for a House Color project!

Is it cheating? Perhaps. But if I pull this off, I should receive points for ingenuity and resourcefulness.