Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Long Yarn

The past couple days made for some knitterly goodness. Yesterday I finally got to head up to dear old Loop with my friend Sheila (her first time). As she drove, I worked on my second botanic hat, this time combining my Summertime Blues handspun with a natural grey two-tone yarn. Enh, a bit wonky, but that's my yarn's fault. I am a bit sad for the designer. This hat does a poor job representing his work. But then again, I'll think of it as being a pioneer.

While at Loop, I was delighted to find the Malabrigo stashes replenished, and I got my first two skeins of Malabrigo sock. Every time I see the Lettuce colorway, I get a bit giddy. And then there's Solis (which my friend Jane correctly identified upon first sight, without ever seeing it in person). The blues and greens in this colorway give off the effect of being iridescent, without actually being so. The closest thing I've seen to a peacock in a yarn, I think. Feeling adventurous, I got a ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock to work in with it. Need I say that I probably wore out my welcome by talking too fast? I don't need to drink. I have yarn in gorgeous colorways.

After racking up some customer points at Loop, Sheila kindly followed me to Rosie's Yarn Cellar, trusting my male navigational skills. GPS is overrated. The adventure of knowing you are close is better than having everything spelled out in clear and appropriately timed reminders. After poring over way too much fiber in the blue/green category, I settled for my first skein of Bearfoot by Mountain Colors. There are certain yarns that I have seen knit up and thought, "I must get me some of that some day." MC is one of those.

Upon returning to the little hub of my hometown, I donned warmer clothing and headed for the "cinema." Amanda and Lynn had found seats right behind a wall near the front, so I got to display my new Noro socks throughout the movie. The frigid climate control was ideal for a Noro party, as I had my Noro hat and scarf on, too. I love that Noro has the amazing quality of being able to complement the most surprising outfits. Oh, and the movie was good, too. I never knew that Julia Child was so endearing.

You'd think I'd stop writing by now. But today I caught the bus towards Atlantic City, finishing my second Botanic Hat and having a small photo shoot there. I understand that New Jersey is having hot weather, but I don't grasp the need to overcompensate with air conditioning. The hat was finished none too soon. Starbucks wasn't any better. More hat wearing :)

Then Jenny-pookins picked me up for a day of knitting and saying goodbye to the sweet Malabrigo prodigy called Jane. The two had picked out beads and Jenny turned them into stitch markers for me...they are perfect for my blue/green fixation. Enablers. I'm using them on my Daybreak shawl, which is coming rather slowly because I have decided I'm going to master continental knitting. It was nice to have a distraction at some points during the day as the ladies got to talking along certain subjects that I just cannot grasp. I sampled handmade caramels, settling upon fleur de sel as pretty darn good. Jenny may have been on track when she said "orgasmic." I also gorged on some delicious Chocolate Chip cookies made by Tim. He was a good sport, too, all the way through the colorful topics of conversation.

Amanda and I rounded off the day with an interview about knitting and our local group and such. The interviewer focused on her, since I was merely tagging along, but I chimed in a couple times with my supremely deep insights. "I buy yarn at yarn stores." I'm so good. "People associate knitters with growing old and slowing down. That's not true. We're young, we're energetic, and we're rather impatient." "See, I'm knitting with my eyes closed." I'm sure I was a big help. Well, at least I got a lot of progress on my first redone sleeve, and even practiced some continental knitting on it. Don't worry, it's already a mess.

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