Sunday, August 9, 2009

Too beat to knit?

Last week, I could tell I was coming down with something nasty. Thankfully, it did not settle in until the morning following the wedding, so I was able to sing alright. This week has been another story. I have trouble speaking a sentence without breaking into a hacking fit. What fun! I keep a trusty roll of TP handy, and basically sit around. I generally know when I'm really sick by the indicator that I don't feel much like eating. Add to that the indicator that I don't feel much like knitting. Yesterday, to my amazement, I was content to spend good lengths of time on the couch, leaving my knitting untouched for large blocks of time! How could this be??

Maybe I feel I deserve it. After all, I wrestled hard to finish my Coriolis socks, and I survived! The ribbing on the cuff and the concurrent bindoff gave me the trouble, now being too loose, now too tight. Eventually I got it reasonably right. I had to go up two or three needle sizes for the bindoff. I can't wait for warmer weather to wear these. I'm also glad that they are ankle socks...I think I like the look better. And for all you sandal snobs...I have no shame about wearing socks with sandals, especially these! Who made that rule, anyways?

I was happy to pick the sweater back up, and it travelled with me to the local theater production. It was decent, especially the chorus numbers, and I got a lot of knitting done. I'm now working on the sleeves, and using my newly made stitch markers. Yes, I tried my hand at beading this week. For beads not being my thing, I found it surprisingly satisfying to close off the little pins with a few beads on them. I think it was the tactile experience that did it for me. I made them in my favorite colors--blue, green, and woody browns--they should be hard to miss. Being glass, they have a brilliant gleam to them that catches the eye as they move. The red ones are for special markers. I also got to make two markers that hold row counters. It's the ultimate in convenient knitting. If only they weren't so bulky.

I have digressed a bit. Watching the musical this week made me want to act and sing again. I must admit that while I've grown up watching the old musicals on video (Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and all those folks from MGM), I've been slow to take a liking to the genre of musicals. My music studies happened within a snobbish classical context. Unfortunately, there is nothing remotely akin to 'classical' in my neck of the woods. Playing harp has given me an outlet in the realm of compromised folk music, and I milk "Danny Boy" for all it's worth. Okay, so I'm secretly schmalzy. Or not so secretly. This week, my latest whim is to audition for the upcoming show. I don't know if I'm ready to give up all that knitting, especially in the prime time of autumn. But it would be great to act a bit. For now, I can dream.

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