Sunday, September 27, 2009

See ya, summer--bring on the dumplings!

Man oh man, have I been slacking! There's been a number of times where I thought, "Gee, I should update my blog." Needless to say, I haven't. So here's a catch-all. I'll try to work on being more concise.

Local arts festival: put stuff out to display. No nibbles, but did some spinning and got a few funny looks. And a guy who, no matter how I tried to break it down to him, just didn't get it. He kept saying, "But where's the yarn come from?" as I showed him fibers being twisted together. Strawberry crepe with raspberry and dark chocolate drizzled on top...enough said. And my first bubble tea--a little weird, but I'd do it again.

I decided on braids for the chullo, and nothing on top. Here's another one I unearthed; I didn't have yarn handy to do any tassles, but the ladies I was with said kids just cut them off, anyway!

I improvised this shawl in a handspun Lynn passed on to me. She was also an angel and brought a spare wheel to the last knit group for me to play with. I'm holding the wheel hostage. I just got some roving from Dan a.k.a. the Nekkid Cowboy, but I'm saving it till I know a bit more what I'm doing at the wheel. For now, I'm playing with a sticky pink stuff that is surprisingly fun to work with. I say "fun" after spinning a number of shreds of merino/tencel and deciding that sticky and just a little hard to draft ain't so bad afterall.

Baby stuff: my first baby sweater, the Wonderful Wallaby. When I looked back at my notes, I noticed that this little bugger was started the day after Christmas. Oops.

Joining the wallaby, a little charity hat I improvised because I'm too lazy to follow a pattern (and most patterns use thinner yarn). I affectionately call it my li'l dumplin' because it looks to me like...well, an apple dumpling. Oh, just mentioning it makes me groan with desire. I can remember a past homecoming festival at college, in which I used my ingenuity to get free apple dumplings. My friend and I walked up near people, eating our dumplings with overt pleasure, then we'd sharply turn our backs sporting makeshift paper-plate posters. I made out quite well that year.

I love this time of year. I missed choir preparations so much that I decided to join the local men's chorus. I'm not a huge fan of barbershop partwriting, but it's still singing. I'm pretty psyched. I also miss the autumn festivals, so I'm making a point to head up to ....RHINEBECK!!! I only attended my first sheep and wool festival last May, but I hear this is a great one to see. I'm hoping I will meet some of the people I follow online, but I have a fear that I will see them and say something brilliant like "Hey, I know who you are." Wish me luck. Maybe I need pickup lines. I'm taking suggestions.

I do have an excuse to meet one celebrity I admire, coming up this Saturday...I'm taking some classes with Jared Flood! It's almost here! Whoo hoo! I used a cable from one of his sweaters as inspiration for my latest pair of mitts. I love mitts. I love wearing them. These ones make me feel a bit like I could be Wolverine or some leather biker dude. Stop laughing at me.

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