Monday, October 26, 2009

Rhinebeck adventures, part the first

As usual, I have waited until it's a bit late to write this, so that I have too much to write.

I made a trip up to Rhinebeck, NY for their sheep and wool festival. Apparently it's an event not to be missed, so I made it a point to...not miss it. Thanks to the help of a wonderful host, I was able to see my dream become a reality. Hence an adventure, a trip via public transportation from South Jersey to upstate New York for a four-day weekend with people I'd never met before. And lovely it was!

Mom dropped me off in Trenton, where the journey really began...

On the train to NYC, I worked on some baby caps to contribute to my host's current charity project:

When I arrived at Penn Station, I had time to wind a couple of skeins of handspun into balls.

Soon, the time came for me to line up for my bus to Albany.  The man having us line up outside kept us warm with jokes...usually by denying that it was cold.  I scanned the line for knitted gear to see if anyone else had the crazy notion of getting to Rhinebeck by overshooting it by an hour or so.  And I made use of my mitts and mittens by switching them out every few minutes...I'll call it indecision.

The bus came a tad late, but the one that arrived was brand spanking new...I got to experience its maiden voyage.  Of course, I rode on the second level, as far forward as possible.  I got the second row.  I must say, this was a very pleasant bus experience.  It even has wi-fi.  And while my ride cost me ten dollars, you can get them for as little as one dollar, sometimes.  

So we left the city and headed into the Hudson River Valley.

Somewhere up among colored trees, I finished a couple hats.

And soon I arrived in Albany...but that's another story.

One last picture...One thing I packed was my newly-finished Daybreak Shawl, and I have named him Jacob for stealing his brother-shawl's rightful place as firstborn. He kept me warm all through the weekend and garnered much interest.  I'm grateful for Stephen West's talent in designing such a simply great shawl.

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