Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time to update...especially since I'll be swamped the the next week or so.

I've spent a lot of time yesterday and today writing about why I prefer one type of yarn over another, but I don't like my ranting. Suffice it to say, I have a lot of affection for luxurious yarns, since they really do have a lot of depth, and I feel like I have a personal connection to my work and to the sources of the yarn when I use nice yarn. But I also live in an area where people do not understand nice yarn; all they have seen is Red Heart worsted acrylic yarn, and they like it. To them I extend my love and my invitation to explore new color combinations and textures and types of projects (such as knitted lace). I love that there's a bit for everyone here, not just grandmas, especially because of the variety in yarns. Just in spinning or knitting, you can get rugged, chic, crazy, goth, delicate, cute, or avant garde. Not that everyone feels comfortable knitting, but my point is that there's always more, so keep your mind open to trying new things.
Well, that was much shorter.

I watched an interesting movie last night, called Paris, Je T'aime. It's a tasteful collection of a whole lot of movie shorts contributed by great film artists, all on the theme of love in Paris. Beautiful. Funny. Sad. Even a little bit of scary. There were some big name actors in there as well. My favorite included Elijah Wood, but some of the others I recognized were Gerard Depardieu, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Steve Buscemi, Natalie Portman, and Wes Craven. Much like Crash, it draws me into the lives of the people I pass every day. I recommend it. Yes, it's subtitles alot, but that's when you break out the stockinette stitch.

What's on my needles/bobbins:
I got chilly this week and decided to knit something for my neck that might coordinate somewhat with some other accessories I wear in public. I have a lined hat that I knit in Moda Dea's Silk n' Wool Blend, and my recent fingerless mitts, so I decided to use this yarn for a neckwarmer. Which morphed into my second Daybreak shawl. Depending on how you view the birthing process of knitted items. Is a project born when you cast it on, or when you finish it? I am close to done my first Daybreak shawl, but I'm dragging my heels; it's a lot of stitches that take a long time when I'm learning to knit continental style. So #2 will likely be done before #1. Maybe I should rename them Jacob and Esau.

I have a confession to make, especially after my pontification on the glories of "nice" yarn. This week I bought acrylic yarn at the store of the devil. My excuse is that my boss gave me and my coworkers a gift card for doing a good job (back in May), but corporate's reward system comprises entirely of giving gift cards to this particular store. Anyway, I intend to knit baby hats with the acrylic yarn, so it was intentional. Face it: charity work is not a place to bless the world with your good yarn. I would, but people actually don't want it. They want something they can throw in the wash without thinking about it. Well, I do, too, but my knitted stuff is an exception. I don't even sort my lights and darks. I have digressed. The hats are not yet on the needles, but they will be my focus this week, since I intend to bring them as a 'thank you' to my host during my trip to Rhinebeck (whoo-hoo!). He's collecting items for a charity this month.

I'm also knitting a secret project. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

I've been spinning only a bit; things are getting busy, and I'm treasuring the rare times to relax at home. I have 150-200 yards of that yarn I began when I first borrowed the wheel. Today I spun a new yarn on the wheel, using my first bit of roving from Dan at Gnomespun Yarn. It's a gorgeous blue, called Water on the Rocks. Boy oh boy, did I have a heck of a time with tangles durning the plying, though. I'm glad it's over. The yarn's gonna be rather funky in its twist, but what's done is done. This is all a learning process, and I feel no pressure to get it all right the first time.

Rhinebeck is just a few days away, then it's a mad dash to Christmas. I hope I'm up for it.

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