Monday, October 5, 2009

Two for the harps

Grainne Hambly and William Jackson on dual harps. Two artists. Five instruments. Beautiful. World class. Did I mention a free concert of Scottish and Irish music? I noticed the title of a traditional song entitled "The Ravelled Hank of Yarn." yay!

While I didn't get a lot of actual knitting done this weekend, I did get up to Loop for two classes with Jared Flood. The first was on Fair Isle knitting, a.k.a. stranded color work. The second was on sweater design. My brief impressions: Wow, he's so young. and smart. smart and young. Smoung. If you check out Craig's blog at Loop, you'll see me knitting away as I listen to Jared pour out information. We covered a lot of ground. I think he made designing a basic sweater very accessible to me. As a result of the fair isle class, steeking looks like the way to go...why should I be afraid? I want to knit a sweater with colorwork it. Maybe a sweater vest with colorwork. Just need to figure how I want it to work.

Oh. And Bob Evans officially makes delicious pie. Try their Apple Dumpling Pie. I literally had this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the weekend. Oh, yeah.

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