Monday, November 23, 2009

Adam wore leaves

My room is just plain chilly most of these days.  Or I seem prone to being cold.  Either way, I have been dwelling on the ideas of bulky, wool, shawls, and Malabrigo.  Just over the weekend I obtained the new Malabrigo Twist yarn, and am making myself another Daybreak.  I'm pretty excited about how the colors may work out on this shawl.  But as if that isn't enough, I also have a big, thick shawl that I am wearing as I type.

It's a yellowish-greenish color in a bulky yarn dyed by Myra of Woolbearers.  I brought it with me as I travelled to Mount Holly, anticipating binding the shawl off.  After some knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping and reknitting again, I came within sight of the end, the greater part of the bindoff completed; and I ran out of yarn.  When I showed Myra, we determined that the new skein in that color didn't match the older skeins I was working with.  So, kind lady that she is, Myra dyed a few yards to match the shawl, and it worked!  Now I can wrap myself in leaves to ward off the chill!  I'm much happier with it now that it's blocked.  Before then, I just consoled myself that I would wear it around the house for practical purposes only.  The color is a bit bright.  Key Lime, it's called.

I've got Christmas gifts on the needles in some instances, and yarn purchased in other instances, and yarn not yet purchased for one or two.  Did I mention I will be staying up all hours of the night this coming month?

It looks to be a full week, so Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rhinebeck part the third

Here it is.  On October 17th, I woke up early in the home of a kind host in Albany, and bundled up to hit Rhinebeck!  Anticipating nasty weather, I was armed with warm layers and plastic bags stashed away to wear in the case of falling wetness.  I shouldn't have worried...I still don't understand the comments I've heard about the nasty weather at Rhinebeck.  I can't speak for Sunday, but I thought the weather on Saturday was just perfect for the event.

Sure the sky went grey as the day progressed, but that's no biggie for a knitter!  I was swaddled in my Daybreak shawl, made to coordinate with a cheesy hat I lined with fleece last winter.

I am grateful to have Aaron's help navigating the festival; first thing we did was to hit the building where the contest entries were being awarded ribbons.  He had entered a beautiful lace shawl designed by Mmario (whom we met soon thereafter!!!).  It's the Queen Anne's Lace shawl worked in a lavender dk weight yarn.

While Aaron's entry didn't get an award against the ultrafine competitors, another of Mmario's designs took the blue ribbon!  It's the Spanish Armada shawl.  Needless to say, Mmario was delighted!

Here I am with three of the knitterly giants I was privileged to mingle with that fine day.  I'm actually standing next to Mmario himself!

Hot pie for breakfast...the way I always said it should be.  This chicken pot pie, I'm proud to say, was obtained with no line at all.  Shortly after this picture was taken, the line to buy pot pie trailed off into the distance for the rest of the day.  Heheh, suckas!

I saw way too much yarn.  This black/grey combo is what I was looking for for mom's sweater...but all I found was sock seems that all the worsted yarn was in bright colors.  Oh, but there were beautiful colors.  Thankfully, I had a mission to get beige for dad and black for mom.

Thankfully, I couldn't pass up a blue/green wool/silk yarn early in the day.  It was my sole consolation on the ride home...everything else was either spinning fiber or "strictly business."

And yes, I knit this shawl up by the time I got home, such was my excitement.  Granted, it was a long journey home, and I had the rest of the weekend to work on it.

Later on I blocked it...I actually liked it better pre-blocking, but it's still very nice to wear despite it's limpness.

It's the Clothilde, and I'm bound to give this shawl another go.

I just need to avoid silk, I think.

There's more to come, but you and I need a break!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been a naughty blogger

I'm way past due on this, and have been digging a hole deeper and deeper.  As a dear friend once said, dig the hole deep enough and you can hide in it.  I think I've been doing just that.  Before I describe  much of Rhinebeck, I feel like updating a bit.  Which, as it turns out, has some overlap with Rhinebeck.  So fret no more.

I've been knitting and spinning a good bit...what's new?  I've had a number of false starts, though, so not much to show for it.  I messed around with some carders and tried my hands at woolen spinning.  (This has to do with the direction the fibers are being drawn into the yarn.)  This is black shetland wool and grey alpaca/wool blend, which I attempted to card together for a sort of salt/pepper variegated yarn.  After getting some more instruction on carding, I decided that this wool will be lovely, but not as the sweater I had originally intended.  I was happy to find what I wanted at Loop, having met a bit of disappointment at Rhinebeck looking for a grey/black worsted weight yarn.

I was happy to find this fiber at Rhinebeck:

These are my big, fuzzy balls, as Aaron put it.  Nice touch, man.
It is spinning up into this:

It seems to have a bit of a sheen, and that lovely green peeks through the neutral color.  I must say here that I was obsessed with green at Rhinebeck, so it's only fitting that I bought this particular fiber.  I tried test-plying it with some green mystery yarn/thread I got at the local knit group:

I also made a face.

Stuff I've been knitting:

I finished a quick little knit that I've been getting a lot of use from.  It's the Felicity hat, knit up in Peace Fleece.  I'm quite happy with it, and it's been very effective at keeping my head warm and my hair notably flat.

During our recent cold spell, I began dreaming of Malabrigo and bulky yarns.  I'm nearly finished the forest canopy shawl done in a bulky green and gold yarn.  It's a little funky, but it's intended for warmth around the house, not high fashion.

Just tonight I finally got the motivation to redo the bindoff on the armholes for a vest I finished a good year ago.  It's so nice to work with Malabrigo again, even if it did felt a little under the arms.  I was happy to find that I only had to rip out the bindoff.  The neck, however, I will redo.  The incentive has been a desire to use the leftover yarn...once the neck is done, I can use the remainder with a clear conscience.  Whoo hoo!

Are you tired of seeing green yet?  I don't think I am.  I also have started my second Herbivore shawl--this time in a gorgeous army-like green colorway, by Araucania yarns.  It will be a nice alternative to my bright greens.  I'm loving it.  I'm mostly knitting it as another, warmer option for shawls.  I vote that shawls are the new neck scarf.  Or old.

I'll finish up with some nature shots.  Nobody'd believe it, but South Jersey has a lot of pretty areas.