Monday, November 23, 2009

Adam wore leaves

My room is just plain chilly most of these days.  Or I seem prone to being cold.  Either way, I have been dwelling on the ideas of bulky, wool, shawls, and Malabrigo.  Just over the weekend I obtained the new Malabrigo Twist yarn, and am making myself another Daybreak.  I'm pretty excited about how the colors may work out on this shawl.  But as if that isn't enough, I also have a big, thick shawl that I am wearing as I type.

It's a yellowish-greenish color in a bulky yarn dyed by Myra of Woolbearers.  I brought it with me as I travelled to Mount Holly, anticipating binding the shawl off.  After some knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping and reknitting again, I came within sight of the end, the greater part of the bindoff completed; and I ran out of yarn.  When I showed Myra, we determined that the new skein in that color didn't match the older skeins I was working with.  So, kind lady that she is, Myra dyed a few yards to match the shawl, and it worked!  Now I can wrap myself in leaves to ward off the chill!  I'm much happier with it now that it's blocked.  Before then, I just consoled myself that I would wear it around the house for practical purposes only.  The color is a bit bright.  Key Lime, it's called.

I've got Christmas gifts on the needles in some instances, and yarn purchased in other instances, and yarn not yet purchased for one or two.  Did I mention I will be staying up all hours of the night this coming month?

It looks to be a full week, so Happy Thanksgiving in advance!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! The shawl is beautiful.

  2. This shawl is beautiful and Myra is awesome!

    I took her beginning knitting clasa a few years ago and I've been a crazed knitter ever since.

    Beautiful knitting here. Happy I found your blog.