Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cuddly Shawl Goodness

It's hard to get online these days.  I'm currently trying to ward off the chill in Starbucks (note, in) with a hot chocolate and my latest shawl, which I will show off soon.  I'm not delaying the walk through slushy snowfall because I like to walk late at night, but because I can't get online at home.

Oh, wait, I just made a rediscovery...fingerless mitts are my friends.  With them, I can weather even the coldest blasts of air conditioning that Starbucks blasts at me.  Not getting rid of me yet, buckos!  Speaking of mitts, just the other day as I waited for the bus, a stranger approached me and said we ride the same bus every morning.  He also said that he noticed I'm always knitting, and he would love a pair of mitts.   He also said he'd be willing to pay for them.  He also said he understood a lot of work goes into them, as his mom does stuff like that.  That was when I hem-hawed about how much I'd charge, saying it'd likely be a good amount.  I just don't know what to think.  I mean, who, especially down here in the nether regions of South Jersey, appreciates handknitted stuff enough to pay for it?  Is there really light at the end of the tunnel, or is there something I don't know?

Can't be that there's something I don't know.  That never happens.

Knitting excursions: I am in love with the new Malabrigo Twist.  I actually went to one of my favorite yarn stores - with a bit of store credit, mind you - and could not bring myself to buy any yarn whatsoever.  Maybe it's the insane list of Christmas knitting and the relatedly insane purchases.  I like to think that Twist has spoiled me for anything else...for the moment, at least.  I can show you pics of the shawl I knit, but I can't let you feel it over the internet.  Take my word that it feels delicious.   While in a different yarn shop a couple weeks back, I was confronted by a display just inside the door with the new Malabrigo line.  And it sang to me.  I had already been contemplating another Daybreak shawl and something in Malabrigo worsted, but not as one thought.  Soon enough, though, I had a misfit hank of Indiecita that was practically its own colorway, and decided to knit a Daybreak inspired by the pictures I've seen of the aurora borealis.  I love being able to play with colors.  The two different hanks of Indiecita made for a graduated color change, while the contrasting color has the ability to function as a brown or grey/black.  I thought it looked as interesting as mud until I held it next to other colors and realized it is magical.  That brings my mind to the first way I came to know Christian Bale: in The Land of Far Away.  A weaver woman weaves a cloak that makes the prince invisible.  Not quite the same property, but I bet the same weaver woman used some of her dreams to dye this yarn.

I never overstate things.

Picture time:

Here we see cuddly.  Mmm.

I like to wear it under my coat.  I still have yet to block it...I can't bear to go a day without it until it gets warmer, I think.

I also knit my sister a Colonnade shawl.  Let's overlook the stupid mistakes that gave me way too much stress to fix, and just enjoy the pictures.

The shape of this shawl reminds me a bit of angels' wings, esp the seraphim on the ark of the covenant...

I wish you could see the detail of the yarn...the thick/thin texture and coloring of Manos del Uruguay looks almost like clouds...just gorgeous.  I must admit that I copied Myra's color choices; I figured it was perfect for my sis.  As an aside, I think it's interesting that I continue to enjoy Stephen West's patterns.  I hope to crank out more soon, too.  I wonder what it is about his patterns that I like so much.

On a musical side, I'm loving some Christmas-y outlets I've had of late.  I played a harp concert for the folks at work, and it was so much fun to relive some of the gems I've found in the Oxford Book of Carols.  I love sharing them, and can't imagine that people would not like them.  But then again, that's in my world.  I also sang at a rehearsal with some friends of a friend, and must say, we sound darn hot. Sure, we need practice, but it's wonderful to sing good music with a decent group.  My thanks to a friend for opening up some musical venues for me...looks like I have the potential to perform a bit in the next few weeks, as well as beyond.

Happy December madness, everyone!  Sing lots of carols (and while Silver Bells is a nice song, it does not count as a carol!), make some new friends, eat/bake something yummy, and love your knits!


  1. I'm going to try to set the record for the longest blog comment ever:

    1. Oh man, I think I would so shocked and ecstatic that some guy on the bus was both brave enough and, well, just brave enough to ask me to knit him a pair of mitts that I would go home, dig some yarn out of my stash, and have them done and ready to go by the time I see him the next day.

    2. What is it you like about the malabrigo twist? I almost picked up a skein last week when I was at my LYS, but I wasn't thorougly enticed by it. I have read a few negative reviews and I didn't know if it was going to be as wonderful as the malabrigo worsted that I love oh so much.

    3. What a great use for your harp! I've never seen one used as a dress form before.

    4. I also have the Oxford book of carols. It's fantastic.

  2. So far, you've totally won.

    I might have the same reaction as you if I didn't have a couple sweaters promised for Christmas.

    As for the Malabrigo Twist, I love the softness of it. Sure, it is not the easiest to wind into a ball, but I just love the fabric when it's knitted up. Maybe I haven't given it enough time to see how the pilling is...I had assumed it wouldn't pill as much as the Worsted. It kinda was disappointing to read people's reviews of it. Are they tryin to rain on my party?

    Harps started out as dress forms. The strings came later.

    You should record some music from the Oxford book of carols, and I will too, and we'll combine them to make one beautiful track. Haha. I'm only half joking, though.

    Without counting, I'm guessing you still win by a mere hair.