Tuesday, December 15, 2009

D is for "Darnit"

No, I'm not referring to mending.  And yes, I stole the title.  I just hadta.  (Thanks to the only person besides my alter ego who has left a comment on my blog for the inspiration!)

Anyways, I've been doing some focused knitting, now that my dad's vest is actually begun.  I think I'm at the hardest part: the V-neck.  It would be simple if I knew what "longer" and "shorter" meant, when Barbara says "for a longer V-neck..."  All I know is that I tried being smart and measured the depth of a "V" on another sweater Dad likes, and then multiplied the number of rows per inch by ... well, let's just say there's a factor I'm missing, because when I did the math, it seemed drastically different from Ms. Walker's instructions.  I've heard it said that if something seems funny (in knitting), go with your gut and make adjustments.  My math said to decrease every two rows, while her pattern says every four or six rows, depending on what you want.  My math is clearly wrong.  I just don't know why yet.  And I've wasted a lot of time knitting and fitting and ripping and reknitting and fitting and ripping and reknitting....  This is why Ravelry includes a person's favorite curse word in a his/her profile.

I'm thinking of the skill of people who can design clothing to fit a three-dimensional body, like when I watch Project Runway.  It just amazes me.  I tried altering pants last year for a Halloween costume, and found that I had no concept of how pieces of flat fabric fit together over a round body.  So to all you skilled seamstresses (and seamsters?) and designers ... and knitters, hat's off to you!

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  1. What? I'm the only person who has ever commented on your blog? That can't be true. People are seriously missing out. Wish I could help with the neckline, but I've never done a v-neck myself.