Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Winter!

Today (writing this yesterday)  is the last day of Autumn.  Hah.  Usually in our little south Jersey town, we don’t get more than two or three snowfalls that actually cover the ground.  Philadephia can get dumped with snow, but we will somehow get just enough ice to make things...well, a little slippery.  So can you blame me when I was a bit incredulous at the predictions of heavy snowfall in our area this weekend?  As it turned out, the predictions were right. 

We got snow.  A lot of snow.  A buttload of snow, to be more or less precise.  So my plans to perform the Christmas carols I’ve been preparing with the guys fell through, as have, thus far, my plans to play harp at a couple churches up Trenton way.  All is not lost yet, but it gave me time to get thoroughly sick of my dad’s sweater vest and start reevaluating my other hopes to knit something for anyone else.  I started a project in my new crush, Malabrigo Twist, but wasn’t feeling the way the colors were pooling on the mitt.  I feared that once I started the thumb gusset the pooling would get thrown off and make the whole mitt feel unbalanced.  So I put the Twist on the back burner and I actually managed to spin up some yarn, using a couple of gorgeous wools dyed by Dan of Gnomespun Yarns, a.k.a. the Nekkid Cowboy.  I can’t share images yet, since I’d like it to be a surprise, but I plied a greyish Shetland wool with a buttery soft targhee wool to make a little over 120 yards of bulky, thick/thin two-ply yarn.  

As I spun, I got to listen to part of George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin, thanks to Librivox, a place online where people volunteer to record books that are in the public domain.  I found it quite amusing that as I finished the first batch of yarn, the story began describing a woman spinning yarn.  It’s not just a passing comment, either; MacDonald actually uses the spinning as a point of catching the reader’s interest, a sort of “to be continued” moment.  I have yet to figure out the significance of the spinning in the story, as I am not quite halfway through.  I just know that I have loved reading MacDonald’s fairy tales in the past, and look forward to taking some more time with this story this afternoon as I knit up my new Christmas yarn.  

As the evening wore on, my landlady and I settled down on the couch, and I learned that she just got some kind of TV service again.  We’ve been off the grid for a bit.  We still have no internet, but this is a compromise that comes in handy in a blizzard.  I was quite amused to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers come on...right at the part where the girls are finding themselves snowed into the cabin for the winter.  Funny how those things work.  During the evening in front of the TV, I began a hat, having way too many knitting ideas and aspirations in my head.  I’ve been wanting to make Stephen West’s Windschief set, so I figured starting won’t hurt, though I’m not sure just who it’s going to yet.  I guess I don’t plan things out very deliberately, so much as I tend to throw things up into the air and see how they fall.  I still have to do the finishing on a couple nearly-done projects; nothing is completely done for Christmas yet.  And it is this Friday!  I’m a little glad that I’m off Christmas Eve.  

This morning was given to shoveling.  I am grateful for people with powertools and huge snowplows.  The snow practically covers our little Charlie Brown tree.  My goodness.  I don’t think we’ve had snow like this since I was in junior high.  And that was a long time ago. 

Now I’m off to knit and find out what that lady in the story was spinning for...

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  1. I'm jealous of your snow, or rather, this MInnesotan is currently embarrassed about his shortcomings. We have plans to make up for it on Christmas Eve/Day, though.