Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweater Vest Update

Adding the ribbing is a magical moment in knitting a sweater vest.  If you're a newbie, it's perhaps a bit terrifying, too.  Maybe it's that I'm knitting from the top down.  Maybe it's that I'm knitting clothing for a finicky recipient.  Whatever the reason, as I finished the neck ribbing, I began a restrained panic.  What if the neck is too shallow?  And then I took the scarily-too-long armholes and did the ribbing on one, and began to fear it had suddenly become too small as well.    To allay my fears, I borrowed a vest my Dad wears.  You can perhaps see that my sweater incorporates a distinct slope in the shoulders, and a bit more of a dip under the arm.  I'm really interested to see how this bugger fits him.

Like I said, knitting the ribbing of a sweater vest is magical.  A shapeless piece of fabric suddenly begins to declare that it is, in fact, a sweater, and your labors may yet pay off.  I am surprised how much I dreaded picking up and knitting the stitches; it's almost fun.  As a person who sorts his Skittles by colors and eats the excess of any particular color first and the rest in sequential, measured decreases, I find great satisfaction in seeing the fabric over the shoulder beginning to behave, simply because I have added more stitches to it.

I'm loving working with this fabric.  I only miss having small projects to tote around.  One armhole left, then the rest of the body!  Whoo hoo!

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