Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gab time

It's snowing outside.  I'm sure you've heard it before.  Suffice it to say, I'm inside, and happy for it, wrapped up in my cuddly Malabrigo goodness.  Rather than talk about what I'm knitting--there's nothing new to talk about, really--I want to point you to a few things that I've been interested by this week.

While watching Adam, a story about a man in his late twenties who has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, I noticed two things.  First, the snowfall didn't change the landscape at all...the newly fallen snow looked rather like a whole camera crew had been trampling around all day on it.  Funny.  Just after that, I realized that through the whole movie, I had been oogling a plethora of sweaters, especially cabled ones.  Maybe it's because I'm currently knitting a cabled sweater, but I get the impression that the costume designer or director loves his/her knits.  Fine by me, especially on such nice models.

I also just came across Franklin Habit's moderately recent blog entry combining toilet paper dolls and Project Runway.  GGSS.

This morning I found a mystery knitalong, in which a pattern is knit in bits, as "clues" (portions of the pattern) are released each week, allowing the the participants to knit blindly in the company of once-strangers.  I was puzzled by the pictures I found, until I saw a model being knit up through the fifth's a beautiful moth shawl, and the first lace shawl I've come across that utilizes cables (and beautifully at that).  It's also a beaded shawl, and one that I hope I can knit some day.  It's going in the list of Mmario's shawls that I want to knit.  haha.  I can't imagine wearing it, but from what I've seen it'll be worthy of prominent display.

Dave said he'd be tempted to repeat the cable mistake up the sweater.  I was, too.  But that would almost take more work to maintain than going back and fixing it.  That, and I also like to eat my Skittles in color order, in equal quantities.

Yarndude asked about the snickerability of felting.  For the benefit of all those lurkers who read this blog (both of you), I will say that a horny gay man hears what he wants to hear.

GGSS = Giggle-Giggle, Snort-Snort  (Hi, Jenny!)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention...I'm famous, thanks to my gracious and talented friend who makes me sound like I actually use every bit of fiber I buy.  Thanks, Aaron!  You'll receive your check just as soon as my modeling career starts picking up:

I hear that Vogue Knitting is doing a special Greenland issue, and I'm in the running for making the cover spread.


  1. Better to be famous than infamous!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait for you to come anf visit again and inspire me some more.

    As for modeling, you underestimate yourself. You could totally do it!

  2. See what I mean, folks? This is why I need to find a way to keep this guy around all the time!