Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pre-games training

The Olympics are coming up, and I've decided to try finishing my UFO's during the Ravelympics (for you less savvy knitters, UFO's are UnFinished Objects).  So in order to have peace of mind during that time, I want to be done my sweater vest.  Call it training, if you will.

I spent a lovely weekend up in central Jersey, during which I brought my sweater to a bar in New Hope.  What fun...it felt like I was in the TV show Cheers.  I didn't knit drunk, never fear, but I did discover that I had crossed the main cable wrongly way back near the beginning.  Darnit!
You can see the wrong cross marked by the cable needle.  

Now I will show you how one can address such an issue without ripping everything back.  

I found out it is possible to actually drop the erring cable all the way down to the problem spot, and it makes for a wonderful dissection of cabled knitting.  Notice how everything remains intact, leaving only the three-stitch cable unravelled.  I took this picture after correcting the cable cross.

Here's a picture in which I have used a crochet hook to rework one stitch column of the cable.
Because the cable only crosses under the one time, it's not bad to fix at all.  It's the same as fixing a stitch in regular stockinette...it just meanders across the fabric a bit.

Here's the fixed cable.  It took ripping two of the columns back again to get the tension back to normal.  I trust that as I knit the rest of the garment the slight difference in the look of the stitches will not be very noticeable, except to perhaps highlight the movement of the cables.  Chalk it up to being a design feature.  Yay for cabling experts.  My thanks to Melissa Leapman for this one.  Now I see why she said it really isn't worth all the worry we initially have about a messed up cable.  It's like life, I guess.

*oh, and all these photos are mirror-image.  Just in case those things matter to you.  So if you want to see it better, place a mirror opposite your computer screen.

While up in central Jersey, I got to sing in a festival of choirs, attend a friend's (wonderful) recital, miss a snow storm, and make plans for some future singing and harpooning  harping gigs.  

I guess I have a full plate ahead of me.  Here's a pic to show the knitted, but not felted, boot.  Oh, and don't bother talking about felting with perverted gay men unless you want snickers.  So says experience.


  1. You're a braver man than I! I think I'd have been tempted to repeat the mistake all the way up the sweater - LOL!

  2. I'm sorry, but how can felting be considered at all snickerable? And I'm sure any issues with tension on the cables will even out when you wash and block the vest.