Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sappy Valentines Day

What can I say?  I'm in love.

I made a discovery.  I have managed to shape a sweater vest that would fit perfectly...on a hunchback.  You can't see it much here, but as I'm putting in the shawl collar, the two short rows I put in above the knot on the back are causing a problem.  So much for feeling brilliant.
Enjoy it while you see it...I think I'm gonna rip the back back.  (I love my grammar.)
Before I do, I think I'm gonna set it aside for a period of mourning.  
After all, this is not on the Ravelympics list.

Oh, did I mention I'm crazy?  I signed my life away for the year.  It's called "10 shawls in 2010."  I thought to myself, I can totally do this!  When I looked back at last year, I had completed eight or nine shawls, and I don't think I started them until May.  However, they were all on the smaller side.  This challenge requires that all shawls use at least 250 meters of yarn (piece of cake), but at least two have to use at least 500 meters.  That's a real shawl.  I can't wait, especially to do a square shawl (or three), but it's harder to keep up the stamina when one round takes so stinking long.  That's why my Hemlock Ring blanket is on my UFO's list for the next couple of weeks.

I took this just after completing the center.  I have much more done, but never took a picture.  This doesn't count toward the 10 shawls mentioned earlier.  I have to start and finish them in this year.  
However, I am working on one during the Ravelympics for mom, in lieu of a February Lady Sweater (her choice).

A song to wrap up:
To the tune of "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"
I sing because I'm single
And I sing because I'm free
I have no one to cuddle,
And that doesn't bother me...

...not too much.


But I'll be fine.


More Pics added:

My lovely photographer, Sheila.
Thank you!

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