Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Sock Saga, in which a picture is shown that was taken by a complete stranger on the train

I'm a lazy blogger.  It felt right to post on the project page in Ravelry, and I don't feel like rewriting it all, so here's what I posted there, with a few minor edits:

I started these two at a time on a long circular needle, using a larger size than prescribed to make me-sized socks. (If I went back and did it again, which I don’t expect I will, I would go down a needle size from what I used.) This eventually got on my freaking nerves.
Many moons later, I picked these socks up again for the Ravelympics. Somewhere along the way I had already separated the twins. In the interest of yardage and sanity, I made the legs of the socks a little shorter than prescribed.

As I worked on the heel, I felt a moment of bliss in which I thought, “I could totally knit more socks!”
As the Olympics (and my yarn) drew near the close, I switched to 1x1 ribbing on the top of the foot in place of the herringbone rib stitch that was now beginning to make my life so morbid. At this point, I just wanted them done. Oh, for a stockinette stitch pattern!

Coming home from a weekend filled with buses, trains, and automobiles, I knit the ribbed section in the dark of the car as I travelled home Sunday night. In that dark void, I created some lovely yarnover holes on the bottom of the right sock. I got home and raced to the finish...

Except I didn't finish.
After the deadline passed and I still had not finished, I ripped back that erring sock, using it as a teaching moment at Stitchers group. I also regained my composure somewhere in there, once I realized I was indeed going to finish these socks and, darnit, I would even wear them. At this point, I did not bother to measure or check the row count. I just wanted a general semblance of a completed toe.

Yes, they are done. 
Yes, they look weird. 

Yes, when I say they look weird I am referring more specifically to the right sock. 
No, I don’t care that they look a little stupid on the toe. 
Yes, I am wearing them right now. 

Yes, I wish they fit a little better. 
Yes, the colors are nice. 
And yes, I do think it is ironic that I went through all this trouble to knit this pattern in the first place because I didn’t like the spotty appearance of the colors, only to back up and realize that it looks just as spotty in the fancy stitch as it does in stockinette.

No, I do not have a grudge against herringbone stitch. I am so glad that I can now knit such a lovely stitch in the round.
No, I do not think I will knit these socks again for a very long time.
YESSS!  They are done! 
And so is this epic saga.
On another note, more fun projects on the needles, including the Evenstar shawl and a pair of crazy boxer shorts!


  1. Hahaha, I still can't believe you had a stranger take your picture. The socks look nice, though.

  2. "Strangers on a Train". I've seen that movie and I do agree that you might just fit in that roll! Nice post.

    Chris Vandenburg