Sunday, May 30, 2010

Legolas and long lost whatsies.

Show-n-Tell time.  I finished my Legolas kerchief this week, despite working on my super-secret knitting as well.  I won't show you the pictures of the shawl before I learned that I had to really block it out hard and tell it who's boss.  This morning before running to work, I managed to snap a few pictures in the gloriously golden morning light.

It's made to look like leaves, although one person suggested Legolas's hair.  It's got these nifty leafy ties to help it drape over the shoulders and around the neck well.

While in the pictures it looks a bit brownish, the color is actually green, but of the army-green or olive ilk.  Olive.  Yeah, that's about right, I think.

So, I gotta whine a bit.  You may remember I have set a silly goal for myself to knit ten shawls this year, eight of them surpassing 250 meters of yarn each, and two twice that size.  While I feel like I've been working on and finishing a number of shawls since the beginning of the year, I think I have only actually finished one shawl that fits the yardage and was begun after the New Year.  

I thought this one was going to meet the requirements, as well.  As it turns out, it exceeds 250 yards, but not 250 meters. (I don't really feel any enmity toward my meter-loving knitter-brothers and -sisters.)

Close, but no cigar.

I still fully intend to make the goal, and I'm not too concerned yet, but I'm just not where I thought I would be.  The good news--I'm expecting to be able to whip out a couple shawls in the month of June, having a bit of vay-cay time at the family reunion during Knit In Public Day.  I like my knitting because sometimes it helps me meet people, but the flipside is that I also hide behind my knitting when I'm with a large mass of people I don't really know but am somehow related to.  (Yes, I just ended a sentence with an infinitive.  Or something bad like that.)  So while my mom's telling all the long lost whosiewhatits the marvellous things we children are accomplishing (knitting likely not being one of them), I expect to be relatively antisocial and plug away on a shawl.  I can't imagine the cowboys having much to say about that, but we can admire each other from afar, if charts don't get in the way.

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  1. Love that olive-y colour. Did you do each of the points separately, i.e., lots of ends to weave in, or did you chain over to them, as some of them Rav seem to be doing? I wasn't going to make this one because I wasn't overly fond of those longs tails. I guess they serve a purpose, eh?

    Enjoy your whatsies, and if they're cowboy whatsis, well, even better. :-)