Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's this blog about anyway?

I like my mac 'n cheese out of the box.  Now, if someone's diligent enough to make the real, homemade stuff, please wrap up some and send it to me (especially if it has bread crumbs on top); but I must've been a bachelor at heart from an early age.  Just the other day I made myself some macaroni in my favorite generic brand, and it was one of those doomed know, where you mix in too much milk or something, and it just tastes like wet noodles.  Which of the following choices do you suppose I did?

1) I left it bland and ate it anyway, rather than let it go to waste.

2)  I threw it out and started a whole new batch.

3) I decided I would settle for hot dogs.

4) I scrounged around for some real cheese to add to the mix; now it's the real thing!

5) I opened another box of macaroni and cheese, stole the artificial cheese powder, and sprinkled it on top generously (since, after all, my favorite moments are the clumps of unmixed cheese 'sauce' that left the rest so bland).  And--goshdarnit--I slaved over this mac-n-cheese so I could enjoy the cheesy taste, so I'm gonna enjoy it yet!

Yes.  The correct answer is #5 (this time, anyway).  I think I've hit a low point.

Oh, yes, knitting!  I enjoyed passing the time at my li'l sis's graduation with my Legolas kerchief.  Every time the older sis said she was bored, I smugly reminded her she ought to take up knitting.  It really does wonders for a person's patience.  Just look how much fun I'm having here:

Well, we did have fun anyway.

I'm almost done Legolas, but have laid him aside for the time being while I work on some super secret knitting.  I'll tell you more next fall.

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