Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“Whoo Hoo!” and “Can You Keep A Secret?”

The last time I blogged, I mentioned some super-secret knitting going on, and that I’d tell more in the fall.  That’s partly true.  If I tell you, can you promise not to tell anyone else?  
Somehow, I made it onto a list of test knitters for Stephen West’s upcoming pattern booklet, which is scheduled to come out in the fall.  I’m delighted.  His patterns have a nice combination of simplicity and interest, and they make great take-along projects.  So that’s what I’ve been in a flurry knitting these weeks. Here’s the beginning of a project using the Peace Fleece I obtained in Maryland:
Adding to my excitement, however, was the opportunity this past weekend to meet Stephen in person!  My impressions: he’s taller than I thought, as gracious in person as he is online, and overall pleasant company.  I loved being near his creative flow, which I got to watch even as we hung out in Loop in Philly.  It’s nice to meet another young guy who will stay up later than is wise because of a knitting project.  Heck, it was nice to knit with a couple guys at all!  
I got to try on a couple of his published shawls, sit around and knit, shoot a couple of photos, and get some opinions on color combinations for one of his projects.    (That's Greg vicariously in the middle.)
May I interrupt myself to say that I am grateful for competent yarn store workers who can help me find colors?  I had brought my own yarns into Loop, both needing partners, and had excellent success once I asked for help.  Yay Kathy!  There, you have a happy soapbox.  
Other pictures:
My sister and I slaughtered made a strawberry pie. It required bowls.

I played harp at a wedding for a couple friends, and caught some nice lighting at the reception.  

I also inadvertently gave away a couple of my favorite shawls; the wind at the reception was just cool enough to chill everyone a good deal, and I felt like doing some good with what I had in my car.  I got a good bit of satisfaction to see three girls huddled under one of the shawls for a greater part of the evening.  I hope I get it back, though.  It’s my Daybreak shawl in Malabrigo Twist, and it’s so nice to cuddle with.  How ironic, that both 'gifted' shawls are Stephen's designs!

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  1. I'm so jealous of you! He asked me too, but I had to tell him no because I don't have time right now at the end of the school year to do much knitting. :( I always love test-knitting for him.