Thursday, June 17, 2010

The one before another trip...this one in a plane!

Tomorrow the plan is to get up at some ungodly, anal-retentive hour so that I can wait for a few hours at the airport, so glad I deprived myself of sleep so that I can sit in an airport lobby, too tired to knit.  Or maybe I'll be a good sport and play on the moving sidewalks.  (Okay, definitely the moving sidewalks... Just how many times is the critical question.)

Eventually, I hope, the plane will deliver me safely to Denver, where I get to frolic before meeting up with some of the native knitters.  The rest of the weekend promises to have lots of those fun times with very extended family that I may have bathed with known as a child but would never remember today even if someone told me everything about them.  Which I'm sure mom will do...

I'm packing my shorts--the ones I started to knit, that is--and my Evenstar shawl, as well as the Traveling Woman shawl, half because it is named "traveling."  And it's that lovely yarn I blogged about recently.  Having worked with it a bit, I take back what I said about it looking like autumn.  On the needles, it reminds me of grapefruits and limes and cantaloupes, but not autumn.  I'm enjoying this bizarre experience of knitting with something predominantly not blue-green, even if the green is the whole reason for having this yarn.

My super-secret knitting is done, so I feel I have a clear conscience picking up my WIPs from their deep slumbers.  I managed to finish four projects for Stephen West's upcoming pattern collection.  Woo-hoo!  Since I'm so short on pictures today, I've included a super-sexy teaser shot from a very disappointing photo shoot.

Having finished lots and lots and lots of small-gauge stockinette (I picked the yarn for the color, and had to suffer because of it), I happily cast on a lace shawl in worsted weight yarn as consolation.

The yarn is a beautifully vivid green, and I've had it for a while, hoping to find a lace that I could use with it.  I think I've found one.

Talk to you after Colorado!


  1. Willy - what the h*ll is going on at the centerline of autumn colours shawl?