Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super Sexy Shawl Reveal and Traveling Knits

I got the okay from Stephen West to reveal the shawl I just mentioned in my previous entry.  So here it is:

Yep.  That's super sexy me modeling my super-sexy Pagona Shawl by Stephen West.  I knit it in Schaefer Yarns' Anne, which is a fairly small gauge, so this took forever.  My bad.  I specifically wanted it in this color.  But the good news is that I'm 100 percent sure that this shawl fits the bill for my 10 Shawls in 2010.  In fact, it counts for one of the 500+ meters shawls.  Woot!

And here's the full pic that by now has become famous for its perfect model pout:

You may see the edging looks a bit like a picot edge...that's totally due to my ineptitude at wielding lace blocking wires. 

To respond to Anonymous's comment on the previous post, I will chalk it up to a teachable moment and retort that there is nothing the h*ll going on with the center line of my not-Autumnal shawl.  Maybe you haven't knit a shawl before, but that's where the blocking comes in.  I may get funky edges, but I'm sure the center column will be just fine.  
And I love you all.

Speaking of that shawl, lemme segue (pronounced seg-way, I looked it up and believe I spelled it wrong earlier today) into typing about my Denver excursion a bit.

The not-autumn, not spinally-challenged shawl traveled with me to Colorado this past weekend, and it had a nice time.  It is the Traveling (Wo)Man Shawl, and I have decided that the colors, while not autumnal and not particularly fruity, are definitely of a natural, vegetation-sort of coloring.  Some of it reminds me of the citrus fruits, while other parts more of guava or melons; the overall effect, however, melds to something else.  The picture here does not capture the colors at all, but I had to demonstrate how it traveled.  My apologies to the photography police.

Two other projects traveled with me to see the sights of Colorado and Wyoming, including the resurrected Evenstar shawl

and my Men-Who-Knit knitalong, super-sexy boxers.  
At least they were pretty sexy before I washed them.  I will post photos of them when I can.  For now, proof that I made progress, intended to add to the final magic of a garment taking shape:

This picture was taken after I knit with a few of the guys from Men Who Knit out in Denver (I send all my love), and during my family reunion in Loveland the next day.  When I had met most of the people there were to meet, I found a sit-able rock and worked away at my sunburn and my shorts.  I loved meeting my cute little cousins:

"What are you doing?"  

"I'm knitting."

"Cool!  He's knitting!
...What are you knitting?"

"You get three guesses."

Guesses made, differing with each person.

"They're boxers."

"Cool! He's knitting boxers!"

I got to hang out with my cousins over the course of the weekend and show them the progress on the boxers.  By the time I said goodbye on Monday, I had gotten the shorts nearly to recognizable form.  I have hopes that maybe there will be budding knitters among my cousins.   You never know.

As for the family reunion, no, it was not on a ranch.  Yes, there were cowboy hats, but no cowboys.  There was, however, a children's water playground, which was a wonderful salvation after a very hot walk with Dad to the LYS in Loveland.  I didn't see age restrictions posted at the playground, and some of us never grow up.  The proof: A photo I found at the reunion of my grandmom at 74 years.

Miss you, Grandma.

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