Saturday, July 24, 2010

July Update-with links!!!

What can I say?  I have not finished much that I can write about, since some of my knitting has been in secret.  I will say this much, though: the project called for Malabrigo Twist, and I am once again in love.  It's like buttah.  And that's putting it nicely.

I'm picking away at a number of shawls, juggling them as mood and circumstances dictate.  Even though I live fairly close to the shore, I have only gotten down there once this summer...and that was because a friend organized a Knit-In-Public event.  I donned my "Daily Dose of Fiber" Tshirt and faced the traffic, only to get to the site in the midst of an all-day rain.  Despite my aspirations to improve upon my sad farmer's shading (you can't really call it a tan), I was happy for the rain.  We were under a shelter, so I didn't mind the rain one bit.  I couldn't say the same for all the grumpy-faced tourists that tramped through in their swimsuits.  They would be happier people if they knit, I am sure.  Especially on a vacation in the rain.
There's nothing quite as sexy as a day at the beach.
Oh, and the sky should read as's raining in this picture.
As for me, I worked contentedly on my Daybreak shawl in a strange sort of poetic justice.  The Malabrigo Sock yarn has already been knit once into the same pattern (and with the same circle of friends).  For anyone new to knitting lingo, I learned about "frogging" here.  Frogging is what I did to that shawl.  It was the first Daybreak I began, but it never made it quite to completion.  Literally a couple rows shy.  I don't usually personify my knits, but in this case I have enjoyed thinking of the Noro as a bad boyfriend, and the new boyfriend is turning out to be a perfect gentleman, if not still a bit flamboyant.  I'll save the pictures until it's blocked, though.  Heheh.  

Remember to protect your home from wildfires.

As I left the site, I paused in the rain to take a picture of the lighthouse.

I had an interesting drive home recently; as I passed my old college stomping grounds and headed back to Jersey, I realized something was changing.  I had been thinking of going back to school again to study some more, and during this drive, things began to fall into place in my mind.  It felt like growing up, for lack of better description.  I know I want to do something related to music, but I'm still considering the options.  Part of the ramifications of this decision is that I have to start thinking like a student, which means not as much time to knit.  For now, I'm still cranking out 10 shawls in 2010, one of them slated to be in my own handspun yarn, and one in my own design.  

Speaking of yarn, I came across a yarn that stood out to me as rather different from the store-bought yarns I usually see.  It's called Mountain Meadow Wool from Wyoming, and it feels really squishy.  It has a slightly raw look that brings back visions of my recent trip to Cheyenne, as if it just came from the sheep.  
Sport Weight 2-ply

Last night I tried my own hand at washing llama fiber that I got from a very kind farmer.  
More to come, but here's how I dried it: