Saturday, August 7, 2010

Llama Lovin'

Why waste words when pictures can tell all?

Since I'm having trouble narrowing down which pics to share, I think I may use these in a few posts.  Y'know...that 'blog fodder' I've heard tell of.

On my recent use of vacation time, I got to visit my friends up in the Albany area.  
One of the highlights of our time was a wonderful afternoon with a whole mess of llamas (and one alpaca) at Wunsupana Farm.  

Griffin, the resident alpaca, is the funny-looking one.

The afternoon was quite therapeutic.  

I'm trying way too hard to commune with the animals. But I think they were onto something!

You can't get a llama to give you some lovin' by chasing her down; you have to be 'chill.' 
 How do you think I managed?

It took some time, 
but by the end, 
I'd say I managed
just fine.


  1. That alpaca must have made a fiber donation recently! Hope you checked out that patch of field carefully before you lay down. Obviously I'm a city girl. ;D

  2. They love you, Will! (me too!)

  3. Hahaha, I love that picture of you lying in the field. Hilarious!