Monday, August 9, 2010

We interrupt our normal programming...

...for pie.  It's in the oven.  Peaches and nectarines.

Before you get too excited/jealous, I must warn you: this pie is even more thrown-together than my knitting.  Maybe that's not saying much, as I do stay up late some nights dreaming up new things to knit, but still, I've been known to change course mid-stream.  This pie's no exception. I started with a trip to the grocer.  Next thing I knew, I was picking up some of the only produce I've gotten all summer.  Make that all year.  As I roamed the aisles, I decided to commit a cardinal sin of pie-baking, and picked up a pack of frozen crusts.  Did I mention I still have not eaten dinner?  That is, unless you count peach and nectarine skins, with some bits of pie dough.  It is now after ten o'clock at night.  But I digress from my tale of impending disaster.  As I read the recipe, I found myself doing what I've always complained my mother does when she's baking; when I found I didn't have everything the recipe calls for, I grabbed whatever I had in the cupboard and threw it in.  So that came to adding to the flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon some chili powder, ground pepper, and crushed pecans.  I'm hoping my additions enrich the flavor.  Enh, we'll see.  I never professed to be a good baker.  In fact, I've hardly even managed to make my macaroni and cheese much this year.

But my tale is not yet ended.  After making this sloppy, soppy mixture with my hands, I dumped it into one of the pre-formed crusts.  Wanting a two-crust pie, I attempted to remove the second crust from its tin.  I got some of it out.  Nearly half, in fact.  The other half came fairly easily after that.  I know that I could have thawed the dough and rolled it out, but forget not that I have not eaten yet.  (This is the point at which I ingested some of the remaining pieces of dough from the tin.)

I artfully arranged my top crust over the peach mixture, slid the jiggly mass onto a cookie tin, and delivered it to its purgatory.

Now you are caught up with me.  I'm waiting for the fires to work their magic on my pie's impressionable soul.

Since I'm off topic from my llamas, lemme show you how one of my latest shawls has turned out.

The Traveling Woman shawl is done, and I've decided (how appropriate!) that it is like a tropical fruit salad.  There's honeydew and cantaloupe, limes and oranges, mangoes and passionfruits.  Maybe even some cherries.

I love how it blocked out, and the yarn is delicious.  It's Blue Heron Sock Plus, and it's got a lovely touch, not to mention great colors.  There's a recommendation for ya.  A bit pricer than other yarns, but very satisfying, and I daresay worth the extra few dollars.

Hey, whadda ya know?  The pie just came out of the oven.  I missed the timer going off, but it looked great when I checked it, considering all. 

 Now comes the hard part...waiting for it to cool.


  1. That pie looks like quite a creation! I'll be stopping by later for a piece, if you don't mind. The shawl is beautiful, I love how it turned out!

  2. I finally got your blog in my favorites. I don't know how that didn't happen when I joined. I'm always amazed by knitters who have vision regarding a yarn and pattern combination. I would never have thought to use a variegated yarn with a lace pattern but it totally works!