Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Food Chain Bites

Meet Igor.  
Not "ee-gor."  It's "I-gor."

And don't you dare call him cute.  He's one nasty bugger.  

I thought I was gonna get me some fish down by the lake, 
and apparently he was thinking along similar lines.

Well, he followed me all the way home, and started finding another playmate.

Yeah.  Another cat watching the incident was smart enough to run away.

Soon, I found that Igor had made other friends.

What can I say?  He kinda got under my skin.  So I named him.
(Yes, it's a reference to Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.)

I guess you're allowed to like him...

... just don't get too close.


  1. Wonderful photos - the ones with the cat made me laugh - and great design!

  2. Okay, I won't say he's cute...but your story is!

    A customer sent me the Ravelry pattern page link since you mentioned us, thanks for using our yarn. I believe the Greens n Bronze is some of my hand dyed.

  3. Great hat. My kids would love these. I will have to try a couple of these. Enjoyed the commentary as well.

  4. Igor certainly is quite a character, full of mischief, and very cute too.

    Wonderfully done, Will, love the colours...and enjoyed the images; along with the telling of the tale of Igor and his adventures.

  5. I think YOU and Igor are hilarious! :D