Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kilts and Celtic Knits

I took a trip to the Celtic Classic Festival in Bethlehem, PA this past weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing bagpipes often throughout the day, even when they were only practicing before their turn in the competitions.

I brought along some knitting and garnered a few stares, knitting practically nonstop.  I also enjoyed meeting other knitters, although I must admit that there ought to have been more.  

I got to model my latest hat, made with Beata's handdyed yarn from Cork, Ireland.  It's a very simple pattern, most of which I knit the week before while at the beach.

After getting our fill of great music and vendors, my friend and I wandered up into town for a bite to eat at the local brewery and browsed the celtic store, where I came upon some handknit aran sweaters direct from Ireland.  Not the best picture, but I was trying to be discreet.  I loved how some of the tags on the sweaters gave pictures and descriptions of each of the aran stitches used within the sweater.

What I'm knitting:
I'm currently working on a couple of Stephen West's designs (yet again!).  I started his Akimbo shawl at the beach when I realized I had forgotten the needles needed for the crown decreases on my hat.  I'm hoping to incorporate the Noro yarn I had been so angry with last year...keep your fingers crossed!

The Akimbo has been hijacked by a test knit for Stephen's second book, scheduled to come out probably in the winter.  Soon, very soon, his first book will come out, and I will be able to show you a few things I knitted from it.  Yay!  I hafta say, as many patterns of his as I've made, I really enjoy the inherent simplicity in his designs, without being boring.  And he keeps coming up with interesting shapes and lines...what can I say?  I love his stuff.  

Oh, and I started two versions of his Flamboyan shawl, but they're in meditation/consideration right now, rather than active knitting.  But at least one of them will get knit.  I have a goal, after all. 

As for the socks with the Fleegle heels...well,  they're in the doghouse.


  1. Sounds like a great day out and I can't believe the aran jumper gave descriptions of the stitches, I've never seen that before.

    As for Stephen West design, it was ME who pressed the LOVE button ;D 100% agree!

  2. I'm with you. I just love bagpipes and really enjoy them at our annual Renaissance Faire. Something about pipes and men in skirts, even though they are not my forte.

    Love all the knitting I see. The fish is a scream and I loved the beach pictures with him.

    Can't wait to see the test knit.....

  3. the hat looks terrific! and coordinates quite nicely with the sweater.