Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas isn't all about the presents, but...

I think I do gifting mostly because it holds a sentimental value.  I recently received a Christmas gift in the mail, and it reminded me that someone is thinking of me enough to send me a beautiful package.  (Mind you, the jerk won't let me peek until next Saturday!)  And as I bunkered down today to knit gifts for loved ones, I found that it was comforting in a way.  If I can avoid getting too worked up making extravagant gifts (as I learned last year), I'm finding that I really enjoy being able to make something small as a wonderful meditation on the other person.  I don't get that experience when I go Christmas shopping.  Oh, no.  A recent experience in the swollen traffic volume of the season reminded me how much I hate the mania that is called Christmas shopping.  True, when I was little, it was a fun event as the family went to the mall together and would switch off partners and help each other shop for the other members.  But now that we've all grown up and apart in some ways, I find that handing over some money to hand away a gift card just doesn't seem to tap into the old memories and affections.

Warm, wooly knits, on the other hand, can be gifts that keep on giving after the exchange of presents has been completed.  I asked for underwear this year, because it's something I can use everyday.  But chances are that I will forget to remember who gave it to me each time I wear it.  (And yes, I'm figuring underwear is probably a given; Mom doesn't pass up an opportunity to clothe her kids.)  But the pair of boxers that I knit are super special; I love wearing them, and if my mother had knit them, I bet I'd think of her every time I selected them.  Hand-knitted stuff just has that kind of presence.  At least in my mind.  (So if you want me to think of you, knit me some shorts.)

I think my recent Marr Haven knit is largely to blame for this gushy sentimentality.  Yum again.


  1. I want some knit boxers. Specifically malabrigo. And possibly a hot physique to put into them. That's my Christmas list.

  2. Yarndude is on target with the shorts....wish I could help get that wish granted but I'm not that powerful.

    You are right about the comfort of knitting. Nothing calms the nerves like picking up the sticks and yarn and letting all the world outside melt away. Keep the gifts simple to avoid the stress we all put on ourselves and the end result is always well worth the time spent.

    CAN'T wait to see the Marr Haven knit project. The small glimpse looks quite yummy!

  3. Oh I'm so with you when it comes to the crowds and Christmas shopping, hence I do mine real early before the rush :)

    Love the idea of knitting projects for christmas presents, a lovely thought !

  4. Christmas morning is almost here. Not much longer to wait.

    I hope you enjoy it!