Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here's Proof

I didn't tell you, but I snuck a quickie hat in during the weekend.

I started Saturday, finished Sunday, and finally had some sunlight today for photographs.  Knitting this hat as a multi-functional hat is not a new concept, as it's the third time I used the Jacques Cousteau Hat pattern, but this time I decreased in six places instead of four, tweaked the last couple rounds with extra K2togs, and I feel fairly good about the results.

This yarn, while still not shown perhaps to it's full advantage, has been calling me to knit it ever since I rescued it from the shop rack.  Feels good to have scratched the itch.

I made a point to weave in the yarn neatly, so it could be worn reversibly.  The colors look strikingly different when more of the reverse stockinette is showing.

Okay, so I know the colors are a bit much.  The saving grace is that the same orange that sings in the anti-cowl is in the hat, as you can see.  It's funny, but both yarns look strikingly dull by artificial light-- more so than a lot of colors.  But when the sun comes out, so do these colorways.   I wonder how they react under black lights... not that they make great clubbing material or something.

Oh, and I made my way to the library and picked up The Dark Is Rising.  Woot!  I'm reading!


  1. Ha! You look adorable in that hat. I imagine is suits your personality quite well, too.

  2. I like your tweaked decreases -- very cool.

  3. Love both the hat and cowl and yeah they are the same colourway.. how cool that is :D

    Good luck with your reading bug, you've scratched your itch by at least getting a book ...ahaha

  4. Hmm, rescued from a shop rack? I like that. What a great way to justify buying more yarn. "but honey...I'm rescuing this skein of yarn from the rack!"

  5. I have to admit that Aaron is spot on! LOVE the colors and how they hat does marry up with the cowl!