Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I hear and obey...this time

I write this post not because I feel I have the time, but because I've been a busy beaver and would like to clue y'all in on my activities.

I've been riding the bus since my car apparently kicked the bucket.  It's not all a bad thing, especially when I make it to the stop early enough for a few moments to take in the sunrise.  

Or, as in today's case, the lack of sun.  The brooding sky reminded me of a series of books I read as an adolescent, The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.  If I knew where I could get them, I'd try reading them again.  Speaking of reading, that's one of my resolutions:
Become literate.  Finish a book. 

Yarndude was the first to generously complain that I had not shared my thoughts regarding new year resolutions and the like.  Well, after some mulling over and trying to put mulled thoughts into action, here's a few of the thoughts I have as I begin this year.

Last year was the year of shawls.  I'm so over shawls.  For now.  Socks, bring it on!  Inspired by the Yarn Harlot's pair-per-month plan, I've printed out my favorites of the sock patterns I've been collecting and subsequently not knitting.  I have tried to pair them with yarn from my stash and put them in bags... it's a bit messy, and I need to find some place to stash the bags.  I'm not feeling super strict about it, though, and if I don't knit twelve pairs this year I won't feel badly.  But I definitely would like to have a few more handknit socks this year... say, at least three pair.  I also would like to knit some for others.  Like the pair I started first, which happen to be the Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey Socks, done in almost the same grey as she used in the pattern.  I've lost some motivation on this one, probably because I decided partway through to knit continental style.  

I also have sake socks I'm working on for my non-knitting sister.  She likes black.  I would complain at this point, but for two saving graces:

  1. This will be a gift, and part of the joy is bending my desires to please the recipient.
  2. I remembered that I have Madeline Tosh ToshSock in the colorway Graphite.  Close enough to black without making me want to kill myself.  Yesss!

Since my first attempt at the first sake sock was too tight in the cast on row, I am using the twisted German cast on for the first time.  In addition to being sturdy and stretchier, it was a bit easier to knit into.  I'm loving the ease of the stitch pattern, without seeming monotonous.  It won't show very well in the color I'm using, which is actually a good thing, since my sister is not exactly looking to have something flamboyant on her feet.  She always was more "butch" than I.

Right side with provisional cast on
I'm actually doing a good bit of knitting for other people right now.  Okay, two of them I consider belated Christmas gifts.  The Matthew Shepard Scarf is on a bit of a vacation, having borne the brunt of a lot of frogging along the way.  I finished the first side and moved on to the center ribbing, but am undecided if I like what I've done with the ribbing. I also know I need to rip back the bindoff and seed stitch border to fix an error that bothers me.  Great stitch definition = a penchant for showing every error.  It's okay, I still love the yarn with this pattern.  I've just taken some detours.
Wrong side

Here's some earlier photos of the scarf right and wrong side, both of which look handsome, in my opinion.  As it turns out, I was being stupid about the decreases, and now I understand how they should be done.  My clearly superior center decrease provides the lovely design element of an outie bellybutton. 

Mom's sweater is the other Christmas item...maybe I should knit her something small in the meantime to help myself feel better.  I've come up with a potential design idea, but have yet to knit a swatch of the design I want to place on the front.  I started it in the wrong yarn, not wanting to use the nice stuff until I'm sure the cable-y bit will work.  Well, I just haven't recovered. 

Another of my intentions is to get spinning again.  Spinning yarn, that is.  I've already started.

The green stuff is a Christmas present, and I can't wait to ply it and see what happens...but that requires spinning the other braid first.  Since I had finally gotten some spinning mojo back, I couldn't wait any longer to see what would happen when I tried spinning some of my Hedgehog Fibres silk/merino.  It takes a rather different approach to spin it, and I like it.  It feels incredible on the bobbin, and even nicer off.  

I have been compared in a previous life to James Joyce, and I think it is because of the wonderful structure I apply to my writing.  So back to the Scarf...Dave, being ever so complimentary, put words in my mouth when he suggested that I make the ribbing extra long.  I'll keep that idea in mind, Dave, and thanks for comparing me to a cookie.  That's certainly close enough to a pastry to win me over.


  1. Thanks for the smattering of updates! You totally lost me on the belly button, though...

  2. Good luck on the socks. Everyone in my immediate family has a pair of socks that I made them except myself. I bought yarn to make myself a pair this week.

  3. First, you're being very accommodating. I like it. :-)

    Second, I got tired just reading about all your on-the-go projects. Why don't you finish something, eh?

    Third, nice spinning! I look forward to seeing the finished yarn.

    Fourth, I'm lost on the bellybutton too. As long as it makes you happy, that's all that counts.

    Fifth, I've got a sister kind of like yours. Mine scares me sometimes.

    Sixth, I used to knit socks. I wonder if I remember how.

    Sorry, cupcake, I wasn'st aware I'd put something in your mouth. I thought that's what you said. But it's a good idea, anyway. :-)

  4. That green fiber looks awesome!

  5. Oooo.. your spinning again :D ..wonderful, and I love that green, simply gorgeous !

    Your scarf looks fab on both sides and I'm luv'n the idea of socks. Mine are still on the sticks not finished too busy spinning up a storm, a slight diversion ;)

    Your photos are stunning !