Sunday, January 30, 2011

In These Boots?

I have new boots, thanks to a very generous donor.  So, I needed boot socks!  What better way to fill my desire to knit socks, than with worsted weight yarn?

Even if it is crappy yarn.

I call it 'crappy' because it has more acrylic content than I would like to be in my socks... a whopping eighty percent.  The upside of this is that I don't feel guilty every time I walk around the house in just my socks-- on my feet.  I'm chalking it up to an experiment.  Rather than simply jumping on the bandwagon of hate (or defense) of this yarn, I'm gonna try it out firsthand and see how I like it.  If it works out well, then I know I can knit socks for cheap.  I hope to knit more pairs of socks in worsted weight yarns, to see how they hold up to different tests... comfort, durability, washability... things like that.  Overall, I figure I will naturally return first to the socks I like best, and there shall be my Great Sock Experiment.  We'll see how that turns out as time goes by.

Enough talk.  Pictures!

Now they match...

Now they don't!

Now they match...

Now they don't!

In these boots?

Oh, I'm having fun tricking you!


Some people have to travel to fancy conferences to get their celebrity sock picture.  It's not exactly Kinnearing, but I have my own cheap solution.  Actually, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's sock instructions were a helpful guide by which these socks were coaxed into existence, so the book kinda happened to be handy when I finished the second sock.  Speaking of which, I'm reading another book!  There it is!

One more sock photo.

I couldn't decide which colors to use, so I decided not to sweat it.  I'm so glad I didn't.  My feet get sweaty enough as it is.


  1. I was expecting pictures of you wearing nothing but socks. I'm disappointed. However, your socks look great! What yarn did you use, or is that a secret?

  2. Great socks indeed -- love the mismatched stripes!!

  3. I too love the mismatched stripes however I'm glad you,ve got clothes on.

    Oh and books on knitting is that classed as reading ? ;D

    As usual funny post and great photos.. FUN !

  4. i love that the cuffs don't match :-) i was hoping you would find a way to use both the green and the orange.

  5. I am reading that Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee book, right now! I LOVE IT!!!