Saturday, January 22, 2011

It is time!

I had the nicest surprise this evening after work.

Stephen West's Book 2 patterns are up on Ravelry for peeking.

Now for some FO show-and-tell!

Well, mostly show.  I think these speak for themselves.




  1. Ooh, those are all so exciting! In other news, you're a skinny little bugger. You should consider eating sometime...

  2. FOs!! Yay, you are accommodating!!

    I like Loxley and Drawbridge! Your handspun knit up beautifully. :-)

  3. @ Dave: I feel like a bad person for misleading you... the handspun used here is not my own; I found it at Woolbearers. I gave this one away, so I'm gearing up to make one of my own in my own handspun.

  4. I love the Transatlantic in those colours !

    Drawbridge is such a great cowl I think it too lends itself to handspun yarn, maybe another project for you to spin for ? ;D