Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh no!

Just checking in briefly to whine a bit...

What's the deal with Mom's sweater vest?  Last weekend I worked all weekend, having the advantage of being able to try it on her every hour to see how the fit was coming.  I got as far as what I thought should be the ribbing, only to find I had started a wee bit too soon.  Mom, not wanting to be too fussy, had acquiesced along the way to my knitting judgements, but when it came down to ripping, I asked her how she felt about the bust darts I had worked.  The response?  "Well, while you're ripping..."

Hint taken. Okay, so the wonderful stitch definition did have a way of emphasizing the wrong bits, and I'm glad for the chance to make adjustments.  Of course, I rewound the yarn into balls and have been working from it, putting in decreases under the arm instead.  It's fitting fine now, and no funky misplaced boobie darts.  Yay!

Things seemed to be going great as I neared the hip increases.  I took my knitting with me on my visit to the Motor Vehicle Services office, to keep me from becoming too anxious that my 6 Points would somehow not be acceptable.  No need to worry; the paperwork passed.  However, a new problem presented itself in the dismal light of the waiting area:


See it?   I had been working from rewound balls of yarn, but somehow I ended up using a ball that does not match the rest of the sweater.  Argh.  Well, more ripping to come.  Maybe I'll try to use this ball for trim, and possibly down at the ribbing.  I have a feeling this is the ball I recently grabbed at the yarn shop on my most recent visit, just for peace of mind.  How ironic, haha!

I've gotta run, as I have a date with the harp tonight.  I'm excited, as it's being held at the Free Library of Philadelphia, just up the street from the art museum.  Woot!  It almost feels like a real gig.


  1. It IS a real gig! And man, you lucked out (as in, your luck ran out) with that skein of yarn. Bummer.

  2. Oh what a shame about that yarn, lots to frog...grr. Looking great though :)

    Have fun at your gig :D

  3. oh no!!!!! something has to be done. buen sage? idk.