Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear


Look.  Look at the size of the remaining yarn.  Look at how much is left to be done.

I'm up a creek with no paddle, as they say.

I still have a bit more of the ribbing to go at the bottom of the sweater, and both arm holes and the collar.

To my knowledge there is no more of this dye lot to be obtained.  So I have no choice but to add another color in the trim, unless I frog the whole darn thing.  The thing that bothers me is the collar. Even if I can find a coordinating color and use it in the ribbing sections, I still face a hard problem with the collar.  See the yarn holding the neck stitches?  That was supposed to be where a small garter stitch shawl collar grew organically out of the sweater.  The way I designed it, it needs to keep to the same dark brown as the sweater.


Well, if I was to rip out the bottom ribbing and knit it in another color, I would have the dark brown to use in the collar.  But that would create a color line I'm not wanting to have there.  My goal was to draw the eye up and down, not stop it right at my mom's hips.


Any thoughts?  There is a heathered brown available, a light brown called fawn, and my mismatched chocolate brown.

This sweater has been really exciting to knit, as it's my first chance to really knit for a woman's figure and learn about fit.  The yarn has been nice to work with, too, but right now I'm at a real loss.

I'm so glad I have other things to do in the meantime.  This week included a secret project, socks, dishcloths, and a Malabrigo soap cozy.  Because I can.


  1. Oh, oh!! Gee, I don't know what to suggest.

    Maybe she'd prefer socks? ;-)

  2. Malabrigo soap cozy. Genius. It may make me actually WANT to get out of bed in the morning!

    Um, I have no advice for the vest. I've never been in that situation and EZ's suggestions wouldn't be much help here. (I imagine them to be along the lines of "improvise.")

  3. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my vote is to do the ribbing and the color in a slightly lighter brown. but, then again, i have never knitted a sweater for a lady, so don't trust me. haha.

  4. The soap cozy is adorable!

    You won't like my advice...but If you want the eyes to come up then you need the color changes at the top. Otherwise, rip/frog or find a new yarn all the way around. Isn't knitting SO much fun.....

  5. Oh gosh Will your going to hate me too as I just read Lisa's comment and I have to say she pretty much says it all :-/

    Your the sweetest son ever though being mindful of your mothers hips, I'm wondering should my son be that thoughtful ? ;D x

  6. My suggestion is to get more of the yarn you have, even if it isn't the same dye lot. There may be so little variation in the dye lots that it wont be noticeable, given that the points of contact between the two yarns would lend itself to camouflage any slight difference. I have done this when I accidentally got two different dye lots, it was difficult for me to tell, even when I tried to see it.