Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We can rest easy now...

At least when it comes to my knitting, Easter Sunday saw me cross the finish line on two daunting projects. I apologize for my whining about my Mom's sweater vest; it is finished, for better or worse. I have mixed feelings about it, and I don't have pictures yet, since it is still in the drying stage. But it's done.

I knit up a procrastination shawl when I was hitting a block as I approached the shawl collar. I could blab on about the shawl until you cry tears of boredom, so let me see if I can hone my thoughts down a bit for you, relying upon the terse frugality of bullet points.


- Pattern: Boneyard shawl by Stephen West. (Yep, again!)
- Most Valuable Modification: Increasing at the border on every row, making the shawl fit better.


- Yarn: Mountain Meadow Wool sportweight from Wyoming.
- Despite a fair amount of Vegetable Matter and slubs, I would love to use this squishy, rustic yarn again.
- It doesn't feel exactly soft, but it's not itchy.


- Easy knitting, but I paid for it when I wove in the ends.
- Made it 'reversible' because I love the purl side of color changes.


- Sigh. Fondness.

Okay, I'm back. This shawl was a wonderful opportunity for me to try out my new Kindle. I'm very happy to say that I'm reading again - really reading. I got a cover that allows me to prop it upright on a table, and I am able to knit and read at the same time, even outdoors on a windy day! This feature has me scrounging around for more garter and stockinette stitch projects, since knitting seems to be the only thing that can help me stay put long enough to read for any length of time. It's a nice break from movie knitting, and I always believed that reading stimulates the imagination far better than movies. Duh.

Other knitting? I've got two different sock patterns going on. Franklin Habit inspired me with his "Fast Sock, Slow Sock" pictures. So I have "Sprouting" for my fast sock and "Java Socks" for my not-so-fast socks. I'm on the second sock of both, so I feel pretty good about their progress; it's nice to have a pool of projects to choose from, depending on the knitting circumstances.


Java sock #1

I was knitting on my Sprouting socks as I walked home the other day and found that this is one of those handdyed yarns that allows me to revel in every stitch. In my ecstacy I took a few photos, but my limited camera just does nothing to convey my joy to you:


In other news, I'm very excited about the upcoming Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and the subsequent Men's Spring Knitting Retreat. I've even been treated to teaching a Daybreak workshop while I'm up in Albany at Trumpet Hill Fine Yarns & Accents! The shop owner, Robena, is a real keeper. If you're in the area, drop by on the evening of Wednesday, May 18th to participate. Thanks to Robena's generosity, it's a free workshop, so it'll be a great chance for me to gush a little more about Stephen West.


  1. Oh Will! You're back! I've missed you. I love your boneyard. I just finished spinning some yarn that I was thinking about maybe turning into one, but I wasn't sure. I think you've just inspired me to give it a go!

  2. I love your version of the Boneyard! I also love the rust tones of the WIP....

  3. gush - gush - gush over Boneyard - LOVE IT !!!
    I Love the shades of grey - simple and very cool !

    Socks are equally lovely, both colours are great in their own unique way and both patterns are fab too. I particularly like the Sprouting socks.

    Seriously envy over the Maryland Sheep show - LOTS of pics please :D
    Have fun on your retreat I got back from mine yesterday - fab time :D

    Lovely yarn shop - Yaay for teaching and have fun gushing over Stephen..ahhaaha

  4. I love the boneyard, Will!! I have to get around to knitting one of those soon...

    I absolutely adore the colorway of your sprouting socks. They are just gorgeous. Also, did I read correctly? You were knitting while walking home? Here I thought texting while walking was a bit daring...

    Perhaps we will run into each other at MD!! I can't wait!