Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MSKR Trip part 2 - A Westknits Workshop

I'm so excited to share with you what happened next, dear readers!  Teaching a workshop at Trumpet Hill!

But first, I thank you for the love and concern.  I hope I didn't sound like I was whining when I mentioned the adventures I had on my trip up to Trumpet Hill.  I was actually in good spirits; after all, when others become frustrated, I can knit!  I figured our little mishaps made the trip memorable and just a bit exciting.  And I would do it all over again to have the transportation work out the way it did, feeling like I got first class seating for free.  So I arrived in Albany quite happy and refreshed.

When I got to Trumpet Hill to teach a workshop on Stephen West's Daybreak shawl, the shop's furniture was moved, pizza was served, and last minute details were addressed.  Last minute details like learning how to properly use a sweater stone.  (Or letting an angel demonstrate it on my shawl... but that's probably one of those TMI moments, right?)


I got to the shop seriously expecting we'd have a nice little party of five, including the staff helping run the workshop.  When I saw chairs being set up, I started to get a different impression, and I think I swallowed my tongue.

Setup at Trumpet Hill

Igor came along for the ride, and he reminded me not to take myself too seriously.


The staff at Trumpet Hill was amazing.  Not only did they remove pills from my knits, recruit an incredible class full of about thirty eager knitters, and fill in when people needed a little extra attention; they also comforted me while I tried to deal with my jitters, put up with my nervous energy, and encouraged me so that all I had to do was shine.

Trumpet Hill Rock Stars Celeste and Robena

I couldn't ask for a better experience.


It was a great group, I loved the subject, and whenever things got a little slow, I could pull out another sample from my 'trunk show' of Westknits designs.

Westknits for your head...
Westknits head gear

It really feels hilarious and very special to see a trunk show of things I have knit with my own hands.  I felt very self-conscious about the ways I digressed from the patterns, but people assured me that at least it shows more of the variety that can be achieved using Stephen's designs.  

Akimbo and Pogona

I feel both humbled and thrilled to have had this experience.

Westknits Book Two


  1. Wow, how cool that you got to teach a class on Stephen West! ...I mean Daybreak! I haven't made one yet, but I'm sure I will in time.

  2. I didn't doubt you for a second that you would do well - I'm so glad you did it :D

    great photos AND knitting !

  3. I'm telling you just like a KNIT STAR! What a great idea that you brought all your Westknit samples.

  4. Seriously, Will, that's impressive! No wonder they had you sign autographs, knit star indeed. :-)

  5. oh william!!!! i think i hate you :-)