Thursday, June 30, 2011

How does one keep up??

I know I'm rather delinquent in my blogging, but I have excuses. And besides, if your blog reading has been anything like mine, it's nice to have a break to catch up on other posts.

My biggest excuse is that I just moved - merely across town, but it's a significant change, and one that leaves me trying to find underwear in boxes because I didn't manage to wash the past couple days' clothing. Another excuse is that I've been a little more sociable than most of the past year, which mostly means less time knitting, and especially less time in which to concentrate enough to blog. Another excuse is... well, one and two should be enough. (There's a little movie reference for you.)

As it is, I'm eeking this one out during my lunch break, so pardon my brevity.

Now's gotta be as good a time as any to sate you with my finished Transatlantic from my MSKR travels.

I'm rather fond of the reverse side of the shawl, so again I consider my project to be reversible.

I omitted the buttonholes because I loved what the colors were doing and didn't want to take away from that.  I did add a little stripe at the bottom, and I love it.  The greyish yarn is dyed by Beatka at Hedgehog Fibres, and I'm a fan.  I would love a sweater's worth of her sock yarn in this colorway.

In other news, I'm gearing up for Tour de Fleece, which begins this weekend!  I'll be up in the mountains, and am looking forward to the chance to share my limited knowledge on spinning (yarn) with one or more newbies.  Woot!  I gave a spindle spinning demonstration for the ladies at the home today, and they seemed to enjoy seeing and feeling the yarn at different stages.  It's funny how spinning yarn seemed to skip the older generation and is now coming back.  At least in my neck of the woods.

Time is up, so here's to a great weekend, and I'll try to catch up with you when I can!  Happy knitting (and spinning)!


  1. I don't know where my comment went. Hmmmm... Whatever. It said nice shawl, hope the move went well, have a good weekend!

  2. Your Trans looks amazing, great colours together - very cool. Also, wonderful news about doing Tour de Fleece, how inspiring and I can't wait to see what you spin :D
    Hope your settled - "do some washing" - and you have been social of late .D ..ENJOY !