Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's go fly a fleece!

This past weekend, I slipped down to the beach with someone special, and we got some spinning time in.  Thankfully, the air there was significantly cooler than in my area.


While we were spinning yarn on the boardwalk, we had a few amusing encounters with passers-by.  I think I'm decent with children, but it turns out I'm not so charming to little children - especially when I'm shoving a spindle in their faces.  

My favorite moment was when a young couple asked what we were doing.  When I explained that I was spinning yarn to knit with, I don't think it computed.  The next question out of the guy's mouth was, "Oh, are you making a kite?"  

Yarn = kite.
But to be fair, the way the roving was trailing in the wind and the yarn wound on the spindle did look very reminiscent of a kite.

Let's go fly a fiber!

Yesterday we slipped away again, this time to a grassy park further inland.  It was situated happily by a waterfront, and the breeze was again making for quite a delightful spin.


In the following picture, you may be able to see that I'm chain plying the singles yarn that I butterflied back onto my left hand.  I'm loving this technique!


I have a little buddy that helps me with my spinning; it's the container that used to hold those fizzy Airborne tablets.  You'd be amazed how handy they can be.  I store the Trindle arms in there when I'm traveling.  When I'm skeining up the yarn, it keeps me from poking holes in my shorts, hands, or anything else.  And in the absence of a ball winder, it makes great center-pull balls: just tuck in one end, snap the lid on, and wind the skein into a ball; when you're done, you have no trouble finding the center end!  Whee!


Here you can get an idea of the color combination I'm favoring for the Westknits mystery shawl.  The grey yarn is represented by the dock.


Maybe it's my new-found love of spindle spinning; maybe it's the weather; maybe it's the joy of new little skeinlets; or maybe it's just the company, but I feel like a lucky guy.



  1. Oh my god, you're adorable and hilarious. I loved everything about this post.

  2. Squeeing with joy Mr G :D ... I love to see you spin ! ..too cool !

    lol.. with yarn=kite...ahhahaha, your so fun !