Friday, July 22, 2011

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Mini-Skeins

I'm currently trying out a couple color combo options in preparation for the Westknits Shawl KAL.  Here's one, sans the "frame" color.  Of course, it will probably be my darling grey.


Yeah.  So it's coming out kinda a different color palette than I'm used to, so I just started spinning up some mini-skeins in a delicious blue-green mix.  The mini-skeins are turning out to be about a quarter of a four-ounce braid, and that's simply because the trindle doesn't seem to like holding too much on it.  


When I was ready to start sampling the lighter purple, I took the fiber in to the nursing home and gave my ladies a little wool workshop.  One woman with poor eyesight shuddered when I held the uncoiled braid aloft; I guess she thought it was a snake.  As best I could, I tried to fill in the gap a bit between the somewhat recognizable sheepy fleece and the more familiar yarn by letting them feel and split the roving with me.  


To show the women the finished product, I referred to my newly-spun Niji Bunraku yarn. I happened to hold all three partial skeins together and found that it made more sense of the color progression.  It seems so substantial in weight, and it's really quite soft.  I can't wait to start knitting with it!  I told them of the delightful Scottish woman who first introduced me to spinning; this Tour de Fleece adventure has had me thinking of her a good amount.  This is for you, Carla! (Hugs inserted here)


I also brought a couple knitted items for show and tell, to round out the wooly fun.  One of them is the Habitat I had just finished grafting, which was still damp at the time I shared it with them.  I'm feeling a lot of love for this hat now.


It's not perfect, but it's happy now.  And I feel like I accomplished something pretty nifty!  (Read: It's good to finally have it off my back and to have my circular needles free again.)


Yay!  Just a couple days left in the spinning mania, though I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a good friendship...


  1. Beautiful Habitat! I love the color. Orangey browns are the best.

  2. I love hearing about the nursing home. You have such a good heart. Your Habitat looks awesome, too! I want one for myself now.

  3. Love the Habitat! It looks great :-)

    The mini-skeins look so squishy and eye catching together, makes me want to spin complementary mini ones of my own.

  4. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am that you've found your spinning mojo once again All that colour you can inject into your knitting :D
    Habitat is lovely and it's a great colour.