Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Starting at the finish...

*Another lunch break post*

Tour de Fleece is on, and I'm using it to brush up on my spindle skills!

My end is my beginning.
If you don't know what TdF is, let me enlighten you.  The classic bicycle race is running during most of July (you know, the Tour de France) so while they're over there spinning, someone got the idea that yarnies should challenge themselves by spinning as well.  Hence the name "Tour de Fleece."  It's like a knitalong in that while some groups have prizes, but it's mostly just a chance to challenge yourself in the company of others.

So this yarn I'm about to share isn't really spun as part of TdF, but rather in training for it.

I had this fiber on my spindle for ages... by the way, this is my first spindle, and the fiber is a cousin to my first fiber.  In anticipation for not having a wheel available for TdF, I decided to unload my spindle and get some practice in.  In the process, I got to give a couple spinning demonstrations at the nursing home.  The spindle was great for walking up to the residents and letting them see and feel the different stages of the yarn, and I let a few of them help me wind the single onto the cop.  It was fun to hear a former NYC woman exclaim that this must be something new, since she always got her yarn from the shop.

My end is my beginning.Friday night, July 1st, I raced to get the fiber all spun and plied, so I'd have a free spindle to begin the 'race.'  I was so proud that with such a primitive tool, I was able to spin and even ply the yarn.

I got the yarn into its bath that night and went to bed.  On the day of the start of the race (not taking into account time zones-- I'm not that hardcore), I began by finishing my yarn with a bit of thwacking and hanging to dry before heading out to the mountains.
My end is my beginning.

When I got back from my weekend away, I had a pretty little skein waiting for me.  Does it look familiar?  It's the same fiber as is currently the header picture for my blog!
My end is my beginning.

I'll fill you in later with details about the actual TdF posting.  Oh, there's so much to catch up on!


  1. Ooh, it's so pretty!! I like your spindle, too. Good luck with the TdF!

  2. I love the look of that yarn, and tour de fleece sounds fun.

  3. Oh how pretty it is ! :D ..you should be very proud with those results. I stayed up till all hours watching the race last night -knitting..lol

    I love the TDF it's the only sport I watch, the countryside is to die for, and the riders look great...ahahah

  4. so 1funkyknitwit.. is it the countryside is to DYE for..or to die for?

    (ok.....nerdy textile joke..i know...)