Monday, August 29, 2011

Fishy Tales

A ravenous fish was sighted out of water in Philadelphia last week.


Throngs of visitors at the Liberty Bell were surprisingly oblivious to the vicious attacks on a few somewhat innocent tourists.


It appears to have a talent for charming its victims into a stupor.  One man even held it like a pet; he didn't flinch when it began sucking out his blood.  He was soon found headless for nearly an hour.




Apparently, it stalked some visitors to a yarn shop and found a yarn much to its liking:


Authorities say that the fish has not been sighted in the area during the past week, although speculations have arisen concerning its whereabouts.  It was last seen preying upon a man from out of town.  If anyone happens to see it lurking in some dry corner, he or she ought to stay at a safe distance and contact the authorities immediately.