Monday, August 29, 2011

Fishy Tales

A ravenous fish was sighted out of water in Philadelphia last week.


Throngs of visitors at the Liberty Bell were surprisingly oblivious to the vicious attacks on a few somewhat innocent tourists.


It appears to have a talent for charming its victims into a stupor.  One man even held it like a pet; he didn't flinch when it began sucking out his blood.  He was soon found headless for nearly an hour.




Apparently, it stalked some visitors to a yarn shop and found a yarn much to its liking:


Authorities say that the fish has not been sighted in the area during the past week, although speculations have arisen concerning its whereabouts.  It was last seen preying upon a man from out of town.  If anyone happens to see it lurking in some dry corner, he or she ought to stay at a safe distance and contact the authorities immediately.  


  1. Is that a new one? What yarn did you use? I love it! It looks felted. Is it felted? We haven't talked in a while... I'm probably ignoring some emails from you in my inbox... I'll look into that tomorrow. (sorry, I'm both sleep deprived and caffeinated and apparently that makes me very interrogative. I'm going to bed now.)

  2. I love it! The colors are brilliant.

    Glad to see the fish made it to Loop. ;-) I need to get there soon to see the new yarns!! Hopefully he didn't eat them all...

    Hope you had a wonderful time in Philly!

  3. ahahahha.. this is all I have to say , no words juts lol - LOVED IT !!

    Oh maybe I'll say one thing.. did it buy the yarn ? ;)