Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's all the buzz?

Yes, I’ve been sucked into the fad that is known as the Beekeeper’s Quilt.  I’m working on it with Someone Special (insert barfy-mushy sighs here), and we’ve decided to make our little hexagons in a heavier weight yarn than the usual sock weight, and keep them unstuffed.  Back in the day, I used to knit almost exclusively with worsted weight yarn, so I'm enjoying the chance to dive into my yarn scraps and take a trip down yarnie memory lane.  

Puffs 7

See this striped one?  I took the blue-green yarn with me to my first Sheep and Wool Fest to help me resist the feeling that I don’t have anything nice in my stash.  I think it misfired, because it only seemed to act as a magnet for similar colors.  The grey was brought into later projects as I discovered its magical properties in bringing out the other colors.

Puffs Lt Purple 1
Remember those skeinlets I spun up during the recent Tour de Fleece? A teacher told me that a great way to improve your spinning is to knit with your handspun yarns.  Now we get to see how they knit up! 

Puffs Dk Purple 2

Puffs green 2

The blue-green yarn gives me some laughs as I recall of unintentionally terrorizing a toddler with my Trindle on the boardwalk.

Puffs Green 4

The original plan for the "hexaflats" was to knit them in dk weight yarn, mostly to have the chance to use some really lovely yarns the Darling and I were using.  Then upon further reflection (and knitting up my handspuns, which turned out much heavier in gauge than I had intended), I asked if we could use worsted weight yarn.  Best move ever.  And now I think I have come up with a solution to allow us to utilize the smaller hexaflats:

Puffs 4

Other stuff on the needles: I'm working on Hiz Vest (which I intend to have completed for Rhinebeck), some holiday knitting, some baby projects, and a set of cabled armwarmers.  They aren't the fingering weight yarn or the pattern used by Yarndude, as I'm improvising for a luscious dk yarn (Madeline Tosh), but seeing his helped give me the kick in the pants to finally start.  


I also plied two handspun silk-wool singles yarns that a friend gave me.  Then photographing got a little carried away.  Luckily for you, here's only a few shots.


Rocks 3

Wall bridge   
More of that later.  For now, happy knitting!


  1. Aw, I miss photographing yarn in nature... :( Thanks for the obscure reference!

  2. Your photos always make me smile :)

    I have the pattern for the beekeeper quilt but so far haven't started any yet.

  3. I remember that blue and green yarn well!

    Looking forward to Rhinebeck! Yay!

  4. I'm working on Beekeeper, too!
    ...it's going to take a long time to knit enough pieces for a blanket to keep me warm in my old age...especially when I'm already in my old age!

  5. I heard from unknown sources that you will be getting the pretty side of the BK quilt, but looking at what is currently in production I think you will find it hard to find the "pretty" side, cause it all looks lovely so far ;D

    I know a friend on her way to Rhinebeck - sigh !!! SO wish it were me !!! :D .. you know I would hunt you down don't you ;P

    Handspun -->> DIVINE !! ..need I say more !