Tuesday, October 18, 2011



I finished HizVest just in time to wear at Rhinebeck (report to follow soon).  Since I like to do the pictures, I'll just focus on the vest here.


Vest Bench 2

Having knit a favorite pair of socks in Blue Moon's colorway Mossly Manly, I fell in love with the shifting greys and yellowish greens, and knew I had to make this pattern in it as well.

Vest detail shoulder

The colors are a bit lighter in the Woobu, due to the way the bamboo takes the dyes.  I still like it.  


It's Reversible!

One of the draws of this pattern is that it even looks sharp when turned inside out.  


If I hadn't tried to be smart and slip the first stitch in the back-and-forth sections, the ridge at the picked-up edges wouldn't be quite so pronounced.  Live and learn.

Vest reverse detail shoulder

A couple techniques new to me in this pattern: 

Channel-Island Cast-On: I still don't know if I got it right, but it was pretty cool

Tubular Cast-Off: This was so ingenious.  I am seriously tempted to do ribbing last on future projects because of the way it finishes.  Get this: 1x1 ribbing finishes with a sort of double-knitting simulation, then kitchener stitch so that the ribs flow right over the edge into the reverse side.  For a person who loves kitchener stitch, this is great news.

In my usual form, when not reading ahead very thoroughly didn't serve me well, I fudged it. This proved to be a nice take-along project, and I managed to work the cables without a cable needle using variations of pinch-and-slip techniques.  

Just for fun:
My boyfriend and I scoped out Saratoga Springs because of a book we had read, and managed to work in the photo shoot during the process.  Nice town.  Despite appearances, I did not, and would not, pee in the street.  I'm just sayin'.



  1. Great vest :D I <3 Saratoga Springs. My bf & I went there for our 7 year anniversary. I'm from NY and used to head up to Lake George fairly regularly, but that was my first time to Saratoga. Adorable town, great food!

  2. I love the vest, Will!! It was great to see it in person, especially paired with those lovely socks. I too love the tubular cast off; it is the one that is recommended in the Endpaper Mitts pattern. I just love the way it looks!

  3. look at you looking fabulous as ever in your vest - love that colour too. ..and yes I did notice your matching accessories - lovely !

    Rhinebeck - I'm still jealous ! :P ..however I am dieing to see the pics of it all with you and the BF having a fab time ;D

  4. Lovely vest, lovely hat, lovely mitts, lovely model. Did I miss anything?