Monday, October 3, 2011

Trip report: Celtic Classic 2011

Celtic Fest Crowd

The boyfriend and I (yes, I said it) took a trip to the charming town of  Bethlehem, PA for a day at this year's Celtic festival.  Here's a little photo tour of some of the things we saw.


Mohawk crowd

Horse Cops

As if kilts, mohawks, and horse cops weren't enough, the caber toss was quite impressive:

Caber setup

Caber Toss 1

Caber Toss airborne

I prefer to find a quiet spot and get some knitting in during crowded events like this, and the festival location had some nice spots for such respite. 

Sights at Celtic Classic

Canal by the Ice House

Flower Purple

Flowers yellow gravel

Sights at Celtic Classic

Not pictured are the tasties: bangers and mash with blood pudding (I focused on the mash and left the pudding to the boyfriend), lots of great music, apricot-almond strudel, orange-ade, sugar-roasted almonds, beer from the brewery.

Up in town, the sights and sounds and flavors continued, including a band that did not really fit the Celtic bill, but made me think of the old folks at work.

Band at the mic

Bride and Groom back

And a photo of one of the projects I brought with me - a sock, of course.  I'm using some of the amazing yarn I received as part of a hugely generous gift from the guys at the Men's Knitting Retreat back in May.  (I couldn't bear to wait until Rhinebeck to use the gift certificate to Briar Rose Fibers.)

Sock full

Besides the socks, I've been working busily on HizVest so that I can wear it to Rhinebeck in a couple weeks.   (WOOT!)   I'm delighted that the temperatures are beginning to drop; now all those hats and mittens and shawls and scarves and socks don't seem like such a waste.  Oh, speaking of Rhinebeck, I'm planning to bring the harp up to Trumpet Hill yarn shop the afternoon before the festival.  Robena's planning a little Daybreak party for the lovely folks that participated in the Westknits class last time I was up.  I think it'll be a highlight of a lovely weekend.  Can't wait.  And if you're going to Rhinebeck this year, come say hello!  I might be hiding in some corner away from the people, reveling in the spinning and knitting fiber I already have.  (Read: I really can't afford another skein.  But maybe I'll get just one.)

I'm also planning two themed Halloween costumes for work.  Both are gonna, of course, involve some wooly magic.  Wanting some bad ideas to help you feel like you can come up with a better one for this year's costume?  Check out last year's blog entry.

Happy October, and Happy Knitting!


  1. I do hope you weren't trying to take a picture of a stranger's man-bits with that kilt shot... Also, I have my first bagpipe lesson tomorrow, which I think means I can officially wear a kilt. Also, that picture of you knitting is adorable.

  2. Looks like an awesome time! All dem kilts, whew :)
    Oh and btw, regarding your comment "(yes I said it)" -Glad you did :)

  3. woot ! boyfriends out ;D

    Great pics and I'm wondering how on earth can you knit sitting in that position, a man of many talents - clearly !
    ..and can you stop rubbing in Rhinebeck to those that will not be attending..ahhahah :(( ...but you have a FABULOUS time !!!! :))) x

  4. I can't wait for Rhinebeck!!! So far, I have three nudibranchs ready to go! Will you be at the festival on Saturday?

    I also must concur with Peter's admonition regarding the kilt shot. Your motives are bit suspect, I have to say... ;-) Also, you could have tried just a bit harder!

    Yay for boyfriends! It looks like a lovely, if packed, day. I totally could have made it out to Bethlehem... Perhaps I'll have to add it to the calendar for next year.