Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stockings and Warm Fuzzies

Here's what I've got so far.  I'm still working on one more, and I plan to redo the i-cord on a couple of them, but they're mostly done.  Each person in the family picked out the colors and a couple people specified something to include in the designs.

Four Stockings 3

You can probably see some tension issues-- especially in the green-body one, which I did first.  I'm so glad most of the tension works itself out in the soak.  I can't imagine how this would have come out if I had used the acrylic yarn I originally planned on.  I love wool; it's like magic.  Perhaps steaming would help. (edit: Perhaps steaming would help with the acrylic route.)

Yesterday's photo session took place by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It was so friggin cold.  But the ginko trees were gorgeous.

Tree 2

I was also amused by the way my first purchase of Loft by Brooklyn Tweed matched the cuffs of my favorite pair of mittens.


After deciding the air was too chilly even for our wool-clad bodies, the boyfriend and I opted to head downtown, and we found a cute little coffee shop that had only one table unoccupied.  I don't always like being in such close proximity to strangers, but as we sat down I realized I was not really among strangers after all.  The two tables nearest us sported lovely wool yarns; the girl next to me was working on her first knitting project ever, having learned from YouTube over the weekend, and the guy at the next table was crocheting some Noro into a striped scarf.  He also had just come back to yarn after a few years away from it.  Suddenly I felt at home.  I love yarn.  I love the people that love it.  Please pardon me for being sentimental.  But then, we need something to connect us in this world-- so why not a bit of string?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Popping in for an update

I'm currently working on number five of five Christmas stockings; I expect to finish before December even hits!  Bam!  For once, I'm on point for my holiday knitting.  (Oh, and three presents are DONE!)  The stockings are not secrets, so I can share them with you, so stay tuned.

For now, though, enjoy a few more pictures from the trip to New York (Rhinebeck and beyond).

Back when people were making New Years resolutions, I mentioned that I'd like to finish at least one book this year.  I've done that a few times over so far, and I tip my hat to my friendly e-reader.  One of the books was Steve Kluger's Almost Like Being In Love, which takes place up at Loughberry Lake in Saratoga Springs.  The boyfriend and I paid a little visit to the spot.


Loughberry lake

Downtown, we were delighted to see that stores such as the Gap had realized the fashionability of yarn in its raw form, as well as knitted up.
cabled sweater skein

Cable sweater

Yarn was draped across windows and over mannequins, and closeup photos of knit cables were on prominent display in shop windows.

But there were other lovely sights in town besides yarn.
Ivy red and green

While strolling, we had an encounter with the wildlife and barely escaped with our lives.
Saratoga wildlife

The leisurely drive back took us through Rhinebeck once again, and just below that we found the Vanderbilt mansion overlooking the Hudson River.

Our goal was to reach the Culinary Institute of America before the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe closed.  We made it with about twenty minutes to spare, although the apple pie was all gone.  *Sad face*  I did end up with a great big sandwich cookie thing that featured a spiced vanilla cream cheese filling and butternut squash butter, and maple somewhere in the mix.  The cookie had a bit of a carrot cake thing going on, but they really had me at "maple."



Do you remember me working on the Evenstar Shawl last year?  I'm still where I was last year, but I did spy a couple completed specimens at the festival.  Here's one to help you (and me) feel better that I don't have knitting photos for you.

Evenstar Shawl

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The closest thing to a Rhinebeck update you're gonna get

Um, Rhinebeck?  Wasn't that, like, a month ago?

Yes.  And do you know how many times I've started a post,
only to get pulled away to do other things?
So here's my compromise: I can at least grace you with a couple pictures now and then.

My "famous people" pictures from the Sunday Ravelry meetup:
The amazing and ever-gracious Ysolda!  This one's for a fellow knitter who couldn't make it but is a total fangirl. (My hat is Ysolda's Cairn design.)

Savvy sisters

The delightful Savvy Sisters of the Savvy Girls Podcast!  If you want to hear about some of our meeting, go to their podcast and have a listen.  They're quite engaging and delightful, though I was afraid I'd have scored their "Most Ridiculous Knitted Garment" award.  Oh, and Melanie is a classical singer, and that's by the by!

You may notice a slight costume change.  Igor was my constant companion, except when he was off signing autographs.  Seriously, I think my fish hat got more attention than me, even when I'd do a striptease.

Savvy sisters fishface
I can become a little awkward when the "fanboy" nerves kick in.
And just as I was about to get some air time with the Savvy Sisters, who should walk up looking like a rock star but Stephen West himself!  He got a bit mobbed.  Hear more about it in the podcast.
Stephen sighting

I had heard through the day on Saturday that Stephen had been seen all over the grounds, but I kept missing him.  So it was a nice treat to see him walk up at the meetup and get a few seconds of face time with him.

Stephen 2
Cheesing for the camera with Aaron and Stephen
In the interest of getting this out into the blogosphere, I'm gonna stop there.  I just don't have pictures of some of the other people I saw, but it was really the highlight of my weekend to catch up with my long-distance fiber friends, as well as making new and lovely acquaintances.

And it was lovely having lots of time with my sweetie.
walkin with my dearie