Sunday, November 13, 2011

The closest thing to a Rhinebeck update you're gonna get

Um, Rhinebeck?  Wasn't that, like, a month ago?

Yes.  And do you know how many times I've started a post,
only to get pulled away to do other things?
So here's my compromise: I can at least grace you with a couple pictures now and then.

My "famous people" pictures from the Sunday Ravelry meetup:
The amazing and ever-gracious Ysolda!  This one's for a fellow knitter who couldn't make it but is a total fangirl. (My hat is Ysolda's Cairn design.)

Savvy sisters

The delightful Savvy Sisters of the Savvy Girls Podcast!  If you want to hear about some of our meeting, go to their podcast and have a listen.  They're quite engaging and delightful, though I was afraid I'd have scored their "Most Ridiculous Knitted Garment" award.  Oh, and Melanie is a classical singer, and that's by the by!

You may notice a slight costume change.  Igor was my constant companion, except when he was off signing autographs.  Seriously, I think my fish hat got more attention than me, even when I'd do a striptease.

Savvy sisters fishface
I can become a little awkward when the "fanboy" nerves kick in.
And just as I was about to get some air time with the Savvy Sisters, who should walk up looking like a rock star but Stephen West himself!  He got a bit mobbed.  Hear more about it in the podcast.
Stephen sighting

I had heard through the day on Saturday that Stephen had been seen all over the grounds, but I kept missing him.  So it was a nice treat to see him walk up at the meetup and get a few seconds of face time with him.

Stephen 2
Cheesing for the camera with Aaron and Stephen
In the interest of getting this out into the blogosphere, I'm gonna stop there.  I just don't have pictures of some of the other people I saw, but it was really the highlight of my weekend to catch up with my long-distance fiber friends, as well as making new and lovely acquaintances.

And it was lovely having lots of time with my sweetie.
walkin with my dearie


  1. Oh how fun! Those mittens that you and the bf are wearing look super comfy.

  2. Really sorry I missed all the fun, but thanks for the pic and the link!