Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stockings and Warm Fuzzies

Here's what I've got so far.  I'm still working on one more, and I plan to redo the i-cord on a couple of them, but they're mostly done.  Each person in the family picked out the colors and a couple people specified something to include in the designs.

Four Stockings 3

You can probably see some tension issues-- especially in the green-body one, which I did first.  I'm so glad most of the tension works itself out in the soak.  I can't imagine how this would have come out if I had used the acrylic yarn I originally planned on.  I love wool; it's like magic.  Perhaps steaming would help. (edit: Perhaps steaming would help with the acrylic route.)

Yesterday's photo session took place by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It was so friggin cold.  But the ginko trees were gorgeous.

Tree 2

I was also amused by the way my first purchase of Loft by Brooklyn Tweed matched the cuffs of my favorite pair of mittens.


After deciding the air was too chilly even for our wool-clad bodies, the boyfriend and I opted to head downtown, and we found a cute little coffee shop that had only one table unoccupied.  I don't always like being in such close proximity to strangers, but as we sat down I realized I was not really among strangers after all.  The two tables nearest us sported lovely wool yarns; the girl next to me was working on her first knitting project ever, having learned from YouTube over the weekend, and the guy at the next table was crocheting some Noro into a striped scarf.  He also had just come back to yarn after a few years away from it.  Suddenly I felt at home.  I love yarn.  I love the people that love it.  Please pardon me for being sentimental.  But then, we need something to connect us in this world-- so why not a bit of string?


  1. Those stockings are awesome! What yarn did you end up making them with? I have some Loft sitting here waiting for me to knit up some mittens with it. I can't wait to give it a try!

  2. I used Cascade 220. It looks great until I look at the boyfriend's stocking knit with Jamieson's Spindrift. He puts me to shame.

  3. Those are really awesome stockings!!! Maybe next year I'll have to make some. And some ornaments...

    I'm glad you found some fellow fiber peeps while wandering the city. I'm always so surprised at just how many there are in this city! And ones that don't mind revealing themselves by crafting in public places. It makes me feel very at home.

    On a side note, I have yet to pick up some Loft. I'll have to rectify that shortcoming.

  4. Cool, your stockings look great! I'm just finishing my 2nd of two Cascade stockings for my brother and sister. They're fun and they look great when finished. I think I'm going to line mine with soft white fleece so that they can actually put something in them :)