Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Knitter's Wish List

I've been knitting furiously (minus the angst) since you last heard from me, as well as running to a few choir concerts.  Due to the holiday knitting pact of secrecy, I have little to show for my work, except this shoddy photo to prove that I finished the stockings:

I feel better now that I can see them finished, with the names stitched on there.  Oh, did I ever tell you how delightful duplicate stitch can be?  I think the fact that it's merely tracing the path of the yarn through the symmetry of the ever-so-familiar knit stitch is both comforting and soothing.  I thought it would seem more profound than that.  Oh well.  Master of the obvious.

I've never been in such good standing as I am this year for holiday gifts, but I'm still plugging away at a few gifts this week, including a shawl that is merely rows from completion and a sock that is only a few inches into its existence.  As I work I find my thoughts wandering forward to the time when I get to knit with worsted weight yarn, or knit small projects like mittens or hats, and play with some ideas and colors I've gotten my hands on.  So I figured it might be worthwhile to share a "wish list" - that is, things I wish to knit, when I get a chance.  Not really a new year's resolution so much as a bit of indulgence in the delight of planning new projects.

I want to knit with some mystery Black Bunny Fibers yarns I picked up earlier in the year:

I want to knit mittens of the stranded and plain varieties, including a convertible set.  I also want to make a slouchy hat for myself (Dustland, I think), since regular hats just don't seem to give me the coverage I want.  Of course, I want to get back to making another pair or more of worsted-weight socks to keep my toes warm at night.

A cardigan (in Shelter?) would be great, since it has the practical aspect of being easier to put on and take off during a day that can get hot, then return to chilly whenever the heater goes off.  But the other day I found some great colors in a basic Norwegian wool that I'm itching to knit into a stranded sweater. I got just enough to experiment with the colors before deciding on how many balls I need of each one; hopefully it will come to fruition.  I'm not the most avid sweater knitter, so it'll probably be a toss-up to whether I get to do either one.  Sweaters take a bit more commitment, not only in time but in the same yarn, and I just can't afford that at the moment.

Oh, and I can't wait to spin again.  The boyfriend just got a new Lendrum wheel, which means I have all the more encouragement to get behind the wheel, too.

Speaking of the boyfriend, he was kind enough to help me once again get some pictures of some the knitting I have been doing.  I don't think this will spoil any gifting going on:

Meh.  For now, my planning is all dreaming.  I still have to finish that shawl!

Have a merry Christmas, happy knitting, and happy old year while we still have it!

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  1. I love those stockings! Did you put together the patterns yourself? Merry Christmas and stuff! Your BF got a wheel? Sweet!