Thursday, January 12, 2012

So close to the finish, I refuse to rip.

The steeks have turned out great on the Alberta vest, and I even picked up the neck stitches fairly well the second time around.  But now that I'm knitting down the bottom ribbing, I'm facing a slight dilemma.

The vest appears to be too short.

I was worried that the vest would be too long before adding the ribbing, but it seems to have magically lost some of that length while I was paying attention to the top of the sweater.  Knits really are living things.

In my fear that I would run out of the precious purple handspun yarn, I chose to knit the smallest size and trust that my poor gauge matching would even things out.  And of course I didn't check the fit until after cutting the steeks, since it's very difficult to try on a vest when silly things like arms or a head get in the way.  Even if I could stretch the vest during blocking, I am counting on the ability to add some lateral size to the vest, which only makes the vest shorter.  Perhaps that's why it suddenly looks shorter as I try it on.

But I am not afraid.  I specifically used a provisional cast-on and saved the ribbing for last so that I could easily knit downward if I needed to adjust body length.  The problem is that I simply don't want to rip back the ribbing I've been knitting for the last several hours.

It's okay; I have met this challenge before.  In the wonderful world of stockinette fabric, a bit of surgery can preserve all those hours of knitting and still give me a chance to add the length I need.  That's right.  I'm gonna chop this vest in half, knit some more stripes, and graft it back together.


  1. Wheweee! You are a brave one!

  2. Oh god, more power to ya. If I were ever faced with that decision, I wouldn't think twice about ripping back the ribbing. You live on the edge, don't you?

  3. Go, you!!!

    PS: Love the labels - LOL!

  4. Oh how I wish I could just spin more of the purple for you!

  5. Hi WillyG.,
    Just discover your wonderful blog... Love what you do... Very nice and inspiring...
    I'm "piplette" on "Men who Knit".
    Hope to "talk" to you someday.